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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

mercoledì 14 giugno 2017

Bill Cosby: An American Scandal

Hugh Hefner and Bill Cosby in 1974. Ron Galella/WireImage

Bill Cosby: An American Scandal è il nuovo documentario di un'ora che indaga la dipendenza da sesso dell'attore ex icona della tv americana e mondiale. A causa di questa ossessione, Cosby ha rovinato la vita di molte donne, nonché la sua carriera una volta luminosa.

martedì 13 giugno 2017

Bill Cosby, Porn & Rape Culture

Not too long ago, New York Magazine dropped a bombshell and featured on their cover the 35 women who have stepped forward accusing the beloved actor of various forms of sexual assault/rape between 1965 and 2000. This week as his trial goes on, we’re hearing that there are more than 60 people all together who are accusing Cosby of sexual assault.

giovedì 1 giugno 2017

"I Am Still Here" A Spotlight On Sex Trafficking

I Am Still Here, an independent film, has won Best Feature at the Nice Film Festival. The film follows the story of Layla, played by Aliyah Conley, a 10-year old girl of color who is abducted into the sex trade. It follows the next 48 hours of torment at the hands of her captors.


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