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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

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giovedì 27 aprile 2017

"Kasur's Lost Children" Pakistan's biggest child sexual abuse scandal

Pakistani filmmaker Shehzad Hameed ’s documentary “Kasur’s Lost Children, which is based on Pakistan's biggest child sexual abuse scandal, has won the Silver Award in the Human Concerns Category 2017
The documentary is a 48-minute investigation that follows one activist on his journey to bring justice to the victims. The documentary was screened as part of the third season of Channel NewsAsia's award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia.

"It feels great that through this win, awareness regarding child abuse is being created as this is the only way of fighting against such a heinous and hidden crime in societies," says filmmaker Shahzad Hameed.

The Kasur scandal became publicly known in July 2015 when Ganda Singh police booked a gang of 15 suspects and arrested three of them on charges of sexual abuse and molesting ‘hundreds’ of boys and girls and recording their videos in Hussain Khanwala village.

Reportedly, the entire village was aware of the crime but they were afraid to report as the suspects were powerful.

Pakistani filmmaker Shehzad Hameed's 'Kasur's Lost Children' wins award at New York Festivals Apr 27 2017

"Kasur's Lost Children" Scandalo Pedoporno in Pakistan 28 aprile 2017

Scandalo pedoporno in Pakistan 9 AGOSTO 2015

Kasur scandal worst in history of Pakistan 14 AGOSTO 2015

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On 29 MARZO 2017

Anti-Pornography Conference 2 12 MARZO 2017

Internet-related rapes involving minors in Malaysia rose 300% 27 aprile 2017

21-year-old jailed for making child pornography 27 aprile 2017

The ‘Huanuco Monster’, ex police chief, raped 150 KIDS 27 aprile 2017

58-year-old man gets 10 years for raping 2-year-old 27 aprile 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 100 26 aprile 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 99 26 aprile 2017

Child rapist gets 105 years 26 aprile 2017

Man pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of children  26 aprile 2017

Police officer charged with child porn, child sexual abuse 26 aprile 2017

"Operation Chaffinch" Sweden's Largest Crackdown on Child Pornography 26 aprile 2017

16-month-old baby sexually assaulted in China 26 aprile 2017

Paedophile guilty of historic child sexual abuse 26 aprile 2017

19-year-old arrested for sexual abuse of 4-year-old child 25 aprile 2017

Man who sexually abused a toddler sentenced 25 aprile 2017

Colombia’s child sexual abuse epidemic 25 aprile 2017

Niña de 3 años abusada y asesinada 25 aprile 2017

Bambina di 3 anni violentata e assassinata in Colombia 25 aprile 2017

10-yr-old girl raped to death by 23-year-old 25 aprile 2017

2-and-a-half year old girl raped by 25-year-old neighbour 25 aprile 2017

8-month-old raped and killed by her dad 25 aprile 2017

17-year-old boy raped, murdered 27 aprile 2017

Rise in child sex abuse web pages #IWFannualreport 3 aprile 2017

A haven for child pornography 17 aprile 2017

Man confessed to using children for his child porn business 14 aprile 2017

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