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lunedì 6 marzo 2017

Sex Doll Brothel Opens Up in Barcelona

Anyone who watched HBO’s Westworld and came away from it with the desire to have sex with a robot is now in luck. A brothel full of sex dolls has opened up in Barcelona, Spain.

Lumi Dolls offers four models that anyone can reserve for a set amount of time. Thanks to new technology, Lumi Dolls brags that its dolls are among the most realistic on the market — and they cost around €120 per hour, which is about $127. The brothel offers other services as well, including overnight stays and options for couples, but those price quotes require a consultation. Reservations are taken online.
Each of the models come complete with a sort of character page on the Lumi Dolls website, which houses a description of the doll’s anatomy, creative inspiration, and what to look forward to in the doll’s room.
One of the dolls, named Aki, comes with the question, “Have you ever imagined moments of intimacy with any of those anime characters that you like?” Complete with vibrant blue hair, a large chest, and what looks to be a video game headset, Aki appears to be in line with the popular conception of an anime lover’s dream.
There are sure to be questions about Lumi Dolls venture — what to expect, what it’s going to be like, not to mention the ethics — and, thankfully, the website does include a FAQ page to explain just how this is all going to go down.
For those who worry about there being a lack of ambiance (it is just a sack of silicone, after all), Lumi Dolls says in each room they include a large television that visitors can play movies on. People can also dim the lights, with Lumi Dolls hoping that everyone has a unique experience.
Another pressing question that many will likely have is the possibility of getting an STI from the sex dolls. Sex toys can spread these diseases depending on the material they’re made out of; viruses can more easily hide inside porous materials. Nonporous toys have less risk, with a wash after use being sufficient to prevent contracting anything nasty.
Lumi Dolls says the dolls are properly disinfected with antibacterial soaps before and after each client rendezvous. Even so, the brothel still recommends using condoms, which they provide free of charge.
Noticeably absent from the Lumi Dolls cast are any male doll models. And it’s not like the technology doesn’t exist. It would seem that the company believes straight men are set to be the most lucrative market, at least for now.
Lumi Doll’s products might not have artificial intelligence yet, but there are various sex doll companies working on implementing A.I. into their toys. Regardless, opening up a sex doll brothel is a step toward developing these sorts of creations and services.
For those who are interested in going, Lumi Dolls wants to assure you that their services “allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limits.” 
Sex Doll Brothel Opens Up in Barcelona Cory Scarola March 1, 2017

Norwegian police say they are worried about the increase in men ordering child-like sex dolls from Hong Kong.
Norway's National Criminal Investigation Service says those who have ordered the dolls — described as very lifelike — are men aged between 18 and 60 and include some convicted of sexual offenses against children.
The national police unit fighting serious crimes says the purchasers "may pose a risk of committing abuses against children in the future."
Spokesman Axel Due said Friday the dolls could be in violation of Norwegian law. Norwegian newspaper VG said three men were questioned and released while a fourth was arrested for possession of child porn.
Due said 21 dolls have been seized by customs since October.

Norway police: new trend: import of child-like sex dolls THE ASSOCIATED PRESS COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Mar 3, 2017

Child Sex Dolls for Pedophiles 15 agosto 2016


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