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mercoledì 29 marzo 2017

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

In 2015, the words "Netflix" and "Porn" went hand in hand for the documentary film Hot Girls Wanted, The extremely frank project focused on young adults entering the world of modern amateur porn and all of its Internet readiness,
and was well received enough for Netflix to expand the scope for a multi-episode docu-series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. We now have our first look at the upcoming series, and it doesn't disappoint in the "probably going to make prudish people uncomfortable" department. Still safe for most works, though.
The trailer for Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On does a fine job in lowering the discomfort value that goes along with watching the episodic subjects. Something about that first doc just felt like viewers weren't meant to feel content with any of it, but the TV series plainly offers up six different stories with different strings attached, and there's an overall vibe that we're going to get down into the lust-embracing humanity behind all these folks. While not all of us has a life story comparable to earning venue through live sex acts, most of us can at least cop to having had emotional attachments to sex in some way. It's mentally titillating, rather than going for broke on boobs and booties.
One of the "stars" of the trailer is the blonde woman who makes her money through her webcam, as well as the bespectacled dude who appears to be in love with her. She has the best part in the whole thing, of course, thanks to a whipped cream pie. 
Beyond that pair, there's another couple that I'm guessing will have a story about what it's like dating a porn starlet. (That one might involve race issues, as well.) There's the one 40-year-old guy whose "unacceptable behavior" might involve an addiction to all things e-porn. Perhaps one episode will be about female filmmakers in the porn industry

Netflix's Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On Trailer Offers Titillating Look At Modern Porn Industry NICK VENABLE Mar 22 2017

Netflix ha pubblicato il trailer  di Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, la nuova serie di documentari originale disponibile sul catalogo in tutti i Paesi in cui il servizio è attivo a partire dal 21 Aprile 2017.
La serie prodotta da Rashida Jones, Jill Bauer e Ronna GradusHot Girls Wanted: Turned On è una serie-documentario in sei parti basata sull’acclamato documentario Hot Girls Wanted che racconta in modo diretto e senza giri di parole le storie di persone le cui vite sono state cambiate dall’esplosione di Internet e dei social media, dove la pornografia e le relazioni virtuali sono dietro l’angolo.

Hot Girls Wanted – Turned On: La nuova serie Netflix sul mondo social e del porno  22 marzo 2017 Andrea Bellusci

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