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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

giovedì 16 febbraio 2017

"Out Of The Darkness" Struggling With Pornography Addiction

"Out of the Darkness: A Bible Study for Men Struggling with Pornography" is the creation of published author, Kevin Jones, founder and executive director of Job's Warriors Men's Ministry, a ministry designed to help men who struggle with viewing pornography.
An ordained, non-denominational pastor with Jesus Is The Only Way Ministries, Kevin once struggled with porn addiction and now hopes to help others overcome this same demon
"US citizens are the biggest consumers of pornography, whether it be online, in books and magazines, or on the screen. US citizens have money, and many men (and sometimes women) are willing to pay money for sex. And the disgusting fact that some men (and women) will pay big money for sex with children and underage teens is an opportunity that those involved in human trafficking "can't" turn away from. One of the primary driving forces that drive human trafficking is pornography. The 72 percent of people who view pornography are men. This must change." 
It is God's Will that man honors woman. God created women to be the partners of men in their journey through life, not to be sexualized or objectified. For those men who suffer from addiction to pornography, "Out of the Darkness" offers a chance to return to the path of God. Based on the author's own struggle to overcome porn addition, 
"Out of the Darkness" is a blunt and straightforward narrative that also takes a personal approach by drawing on the experiences of former porn addicts. Pornography does not just affect the addict. It also encourages human trafficking by teaching that women are to be bought and sold for their bodies, whether for a sexual imagine or act. It is not the way of God.
View a synopsis of "Out of the Darkness: A Bible Study for Men Struggling with Pornography" on YouTube.

Kevin Jones Releases 'Out Of The Darkness: A Bible Study For Men Struggling With Pornography'  Feb. 15, 2017

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NEW DELHI: At a time when the Supreme Court is examining the menace of child pornography+ websites and exploring ways to block them, a woman has approached the court telling how addiction of pornography is destroying the matrimonial life of people.

In a petition filed in the Supreme Court, the Mumbai-based lady said that her matrimonial life had been destroyed as her husband became addicted to online pornography and pleaded the court to direct the Centre to take immediate steps to ban such obscene sites.

She contended that if her husband developed the addiction despite being a well educated person and in his advancing years, the impact of pornography sites would be much more harmful to the youth.

"My husband has of late become a addict of porn and spends a lot of his prescious time watching pornography which is now-a-days is easily accessible through the internet. As a result my husband has fallen prey to this addiction of watching pornographic videos and pictures which has made my husband's mind perverted and ruined my matrimonial life," she said in her petition.

The petitioner, a social worker, told the court that she was happily married for 30 years but matrimonial problem started in 2015 when her husband got addicted to pornography websites despite being father of two children.

"I and my children are suffering as a result of porn addiction of my husband. I am unfortunately a victim of matrimonial dispute resulting out of porn addiction of my husband. I have also during my work as social worker come across people who have been adversely affected because of free and easy availability of porn contents all over the internet," she said.

"Easy access of violent and hardcore porn websites is causing immense damage to family values in India. People of all ages are becoming perverted and morally bankrupt due to porn addiction. My husband is in his advancing years but still he has gone astray due to porn addiction, imagine what this addiction can do to the innocent minds of youth and children," she said.

The Supreme Court has earlier asked the Centre to block all child pornography websites+ and had told the government that the excuse of technical difficulty in banning such sites would not be accepted as a ground for non-compliance of its order.

Expressing concern over multiple child pornography websites "which are being deliberately run with perversity to make money", the court had asked the government to sit with Information Technology experts to find out ways and means to block such websites. "It is not permissible under Indian law and you have to block it," the court had said.

Woman files petition in Supreme Court over husband's pornography addiction Amit Anand Choudhary | Feb 16, 2017

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Did you know that 30 percent of the internet is pornography?
80 percent of that 30 percent is the kind of pornography that no one wants you to know they're watching. It's porn that is all about humiliation, degradation, violence, slapping, spanking, choking, gagging and verbal assaults.  
The average age of a child exposed to such pornography for the first time is age 11.  Some are exposed even younger. Eastern Idaho children are not immune.  Some counselors call children addicted to pornography a public health crisis.
"The youngest I've seen come in is 10 years old.  He already had a serious addiction problem," said Kirsten Griggs, a local licensed counselor.  She has seen a growing number of young patients addicted to porn.
"When they accidentally stumble upon it on the internet, the image is arousing and startling and it releases dopamine in the brain. That's what draws them back to look again," she said.  "It pulls them in.  They want to push away, they're confused about it, but it's arousing and interesting."
Even a child as young as 10 finds it hard to turn away.  Pornography is everywhere. If your child has a cellphone, an iPad or a computer, your child has easy access.  Every child could be just three clicks away from a porn site.
"It's a problem everywhere," said Dr. Janet Allen of Creekside Counseling.  "Pornography is accessible, it's free, it's anonymous. You don't have to go to the adult bookstore to find it."
"It's also highly addictive. The surprise, shock, violence, sexual arousal all combine to create a toxic and addictive stew.  A lot of counselors now believe porn and addiction are the number one health concern for the digital age."
According to the experts, viewing pornography creates a new neuropathway in the brain.
"All human beings are sexual creatures. We're hard-wired that way," said Daniel Allen, another counselor at Creekside. "From the day we are born until the day we die, we are sexual creatures. Any person with eyeballs and a human brain is going to respond to that imagery via a change in their brain chemistry.  The brain chemical we're talking about is dopamine." 
Is it the parents' fault if a child gets addicted to porn because they didn't monitor the electronics in the house?
"I wouldn't say it's the parents' fault, but I would say the parents can be the solution," said Griggs. "The parents can be the preventer."
"We have to educate parents," said Janet Allen. "Parents have to pull their heads out of the sand and educate themselves on what's really out there.  We have to have some uncomfortable conversations. We have to be confronted with uncomfortable data."
The counselors suggest no electronics of any kind in a child's bedroom.
"It has to be used in a public area," says Joan Allen.
Parents need to understand firewalls and filter systems and how apps work.  Check the history on your child's electronic devices.  Most important of all, do not shame your child when he or she comes to you and says he stumbled onto a surprising picture on his computer.
"This is a new conversation we need to have," Griggs said. "Tell your child sometimes there are good things on the internet and sometimes there are bad things.  Some are healthy, some are not.  We don't always get to choose what pops up.  But if something like this comes up, you can come talk to me and you won't get in trouble."
Though the counselors say you can never cure an addiction, you can treat it. 
"What we know about brain chemistry is once a neuropathway has been formed it takes about 90 days of abstaining from a behavior or substance for that neuropathway to atrophy," Daniel Allen said. "We can get new neuro pathways.  So from the very beginning, we're trying to get someone to abstain for a period of 90 days so they can create new neuro networks."
There are 68 million online porn requests a day and we have to make sure our children aren't making one of them.

Could your children already be addicted to porn? Karole Honas Feb 15, 2017

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