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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

domenica 1 gennaio 2017

Child prostitution decriminalized in California

Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly were arrested and charged with child prostitution, while the intended client Disney Vang was arrested for sex wth a minor in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO  - Starting on January 1, underage prostitutes will no longer be arrested in California
Senate Bill 1322 forbids law enforcement from arresting minors engaged in prostitution, effectively legalizing it, according to conservative critics of the legislation.
California governor Jerry Brown signed this legislation into law on September 26. Travis Allen, a Republican assemblyman from California's 72nd assembly district, commented,
But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can't interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps and more victims for them to exploit.
In response, state senator Holly Mitchell, who introduced Senate Bill 1322, remarked, "The law is supposed to protect vulnerable children from adult abuse, yet we brand kids enmeshed in sex-for-pay with a scarlet 'P' and leave them subject to shame and prosecution. This is our opportunity to do what we say is right in cases of sex trafficking: stop the exploiters and help the exploited."
Allen responded to Mitchell, commenting, "Minors involved in prostitution are clearly victims, and allowing our law enforcement officers to pick these minors up and get them away from their pimps and into custody is a dramatically better solution than making it legal for them to sell themselves for sex."
Human trafficking has become a major problem in California in recent years, according to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). Statistics compiled by the NHTRC show that 1,012 human trafficking cases have been reported this year. "This is a destructive, predatory crime, and it’s right in our backyard, " said Deputy District Attorney Daniel Varon.
Jane Creighton, the coordinator of the human-trafficking unit at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, has criticized this piece of legislation. She has argued that it's critical for law enforcement to be able to arrest underage prostitutes and hold them in secure locations because oftentimes these minors won't seek or accept help voluntarily.
Sean Hoffman, director of legislation for the California District Attorneys Association, has also spoken out against the legislation. Referring to the fact that law enforcement can no longer arrest underage prostitutes, Hoffman said, "If they can't keep a victim in a facility long enough for a provider to reach that child with services, then we undermine the efforts of a number of great community-based organizations that are having tremendous success in servicing victims of human trafficking."


California Democrats legalize child prostitution TRAVIS ALLEN  12/29/16

An Uber driver probably didn’t get a tip from two passengers that he helped authorities arrest after overhearing their conversation about sex trafficking.
Keith Avila picked up two women and a 16-year-old girl as part of his Uber driving business in Elk Grove, California. But while he was driving them to their destination, a Holiday Inn, they began discussing very explicitly their own business — child sex trafficking.
Avila said he couldn’t just walk away, explaining to KTRK-TV, “it just wasn’t an option.”
“They started like talking, like saying everything that was going on,” he said. “Like what they’re doing, child sex trafficking.”
After dropping them off at the hotel, Avila called the police, and the pair was soon arrested with a quick response by local authorities. Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly were arrested and charged with prostitution, while the intended client was arrested for sex with a minor. He was identified as “Disney Vang.”

Uber driver saves 16-year-old, busts up child prostitution ring after overhearing passengers Carlos Garcia 

How an Uber driver stopped child sex trafficking in Elk Grove  December 29, 2016

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