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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

domenica 25 dicembre 2016

OPERATION DARKROOM Norway's massive pedophile ring

In late November, a massive pedophile ring was exposed in Norway. Recently, a new and unrelated case of child abuse has shaken the Nordic country. An elderly man from the city of Bergen was sentenced to eight years in prison for a series of online sexual assaults against children, perpetrated in Norway and the Philippines

The 66-year-old retiree, who reportedly lives off of disability benefits, was found guilty, inter alia, of having sent money to a family in the Philippines in exchange for organizing sex acts between children, some of whom were under the age of 14, and streaming them live on Skype, Norwegian national broadcaster NRK reported.

The Bergen District Court found that the man was well aware of his underage victims' and their families' poor economic conditions and exploited their need for money. According to NRK, the man abused 62 children in total, 20 of whom were in the Philippines. The other 42 victims involved in the case were tricked by the man on various online chat services, where the 66-year-old, according to the indictment, posed as a young teen in order to win his victims' confidence. Subsequently he coerced them into undressing and performing sexual acts in front of a webcam. In 2013, the offender was sentenced to ten months' imprisonment for being in possession of about 100,000 images and over 700 movies with sexual abuse of children.

Lawyer Kristin Jensen Undheim, who represented two of his victims, would like to have seen the man sentenced to preventive detention to prevent unwanted reprises, citing fears from their parents.

"It would be an important signal. Previously, the man was incarcerated in a similar case. Then he drops out of prison and violates more children. Who can guarantee that he won't get access to a computer after having served two thirds of his sentence?" Kristin Jensen Undheim asked rhetorically. Remarkably, this conviction is unrelated to the massive Operation Dark Roomcase, in the course of which Norwegian police filed charges against 51 individuals involved in a major online pedophile ring In late November, Norwegian Police seized 150 terabytes of data depicting various forms of sexual abuse against children, which was later referred to as the biggest abuse case against children in Norway's history. Politicians, engineers, one kindergarten teacher, a police officer, a lawyer and students were among the accused. To secure thedisclosure, a special task force spent ten months working on the case.

Norway launches probe on pedophile network involving 51 people, 20 arrested DAILY SABAH WITH ASSOCIATED PRESS ISTANBUL November 21, 2016

Norway Child Sex Ring Busted- “Operation Darkroom” 12/12/16


Sex offenders Ronald Boyajian, 49, Erik Peeters, 41, and Jack Sporich, 75 were arrested separately in February for different reasons. Boyajian’s traveled to Vietnam via Cambodia last year and paid a 10-year-old girl to have sex with him. Peeters had intercourse with at least three boys at an average of seven dollars a pop, plus some rice and cash gifts to the parents of the children.

Sporich, known as the “Pied Piper of the Pedophiles by the police for his molestation of an epic 500 boys at summer camps, was the most flagrant violator of all.  Upon his release after 9 years in American prison, he went straight to Cambodia, where he drove through poor towns throwing candy and luring children to his pleasure den of water slides and video games. He is accused with having had sex with three boys aged 9 to 13.

Operation Twisted Traveler: The New Front Against International Sex Tourism OCTOBER 9, 2009

Almost seven years after his arrest in Cambodia, American Erik Peeters was sentenced this week to 22 years in a U.S. prison for abusing Cambodian boys.
Mr. Peeters had been charged with engaging in “illicit sexual conduct” for paying at least five boys between the ages of 11 and 16 for sex, according to a statement issued Thursday by Hagar International, an NGO that works with children and women.
After being arrested by Cambodian police in February 2009, Mr. Peeters was expelled from the country and charged in the U.S. under the Protect Act, which was designed to allow U.S. courts to prosecute citizens who commit sex offenses overseas.
During a March 2012 court hearing, Mr. Peeters pleaded guilty to abusing two of the five boys, who were 13 and 14 years old at the time.
“On Wednesday 7th December 2016, a US federal court in Los Angeles sentenced Erik Leonardus Peeters (48) to 22 years imprisonment for illicit sexual conduct with underage Cambodian boys,” Hagar said in its statement. “He was also placed on supervised release for life and prohibited from returning to Cambodia.”
Mr. Peeters was already a convicted child abuser, having been found guilty in 1990 of committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14.
After his 2009 arrest, Mr. Peeters was returned to the U.S. along with other suspected pedophiles.
© 2016, The Cambodia DailyAll rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in print, electronically, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without written permission.

Pedophile Sentenced to 22 Years in US Prison   | 

In late November, Norwegian police made public a pedophile ring in which they arrested 20 men, including a police officer. Officials stated that the Norwegian pedophile ring included at least 51 people, including politicians and businessmen. The New York Times had published a blurb about the arrests via the Associated Press, however, the story has since been removed for unknown reasons.
The question that savvy internet denizens are asking is: Why? Why did the New York Times remove a brief, yet factual story about a pedophile network?
Skeptics of mainstream media believe the answer may lie in the Times‘ CEO and president since 2012, Mark Thompson. Thompson, who is currently embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit brought about by two employees of the New York Times, was director-general of the BBC from 2004 to 2012.
In 2011, after British television personality Jimmy Savile died at the age of 84, two journalists for the BBC program Newsnight began investigating sexual assault and pedophilia claims against Savile going back decades. The journalists completed the report, which was set to air in December, 2011, two months after Savile’s death.
According The Telegraph, however, the program was scrapped, and instead two tribute programs were shown instead.
At the time, Thompson’s involvement in killing the story was minimal, with most of the blame put on Helen Boaden, the BBC’s news chief. Since the story about the Norwegian pedophile network being scrubbed from the New York Times‘ site, however, new questions have arisen about Thompson’s role in removing it and in killing the 2011 Savile report.
In October, 2012, Thompson denied having any role in burying, or having deep knowledge of the Savile report, and claimed to have only learned about the story at a company holiday party in December, according to an interview in the New York Times.
Turkish news Daily Sabah published a story on the Norwegian pedophile ring, discussing Deputy Police Chief Gunnar Floystad’s statement on the investigation known as “Dark Room.” Floystad revealed that the perpetrators were “highly educated,” with lawyers, teachers, and politicians, who used encryption to skirt the law.
Hilde Reikras, the head of Operation Dark Room spoke at a press conference, during which she described the pedophiles and their network. 
“We have the clear perception that like-minded individuals met with each other in the so-called dark net, where they could talk with one another and cultivate their interest in children in peaceThe material shows the abuse of children of all ages, including infants.”
One abuser had even live-streamed an assault on one of his own children.
Since the story of the Norwegian pedophile ring, the U.S. media has been inexplicably silent on the issue, with only conservative-leaning Fox News posting a short, four-paragraph Associated Press report on it. The AP story includes almost no details about the circumstances of the pedophile network, which leaves even more questions about why the New York Times removed it.
Incidentally, both the Washington Post and ABC News also deleted their Associated Press reports on the Norwegian pedophile network, which has caused even more speculation as to why several legacy news organizations removed it. ABC News had the story until December, after which it simply disappeared.
However, Norwegian news outlets gave much more detailed information on the arrests and the horrifying facts of the caseTidens Krav reported that Western Police District officials had seized at least 150 terabytes of data, including photographs, movies, and chats. The data revealed photos and videos of toddlers being penetrated, children tied up, children being forced to have sex with animals and with other children.
Originally, the Norwegian investigation began as a result of a tip from the FBI here in the United States. This fact has caused speculation that the pedophile network involves more than just a few Norwegian perpetrators and may implicate high-level U.S. officials.
With pedophilia accusations surrounding James Alefantis’ Comet Pizza — and subsequently Pizzagate — it begs the question as to why a seemingly innocuous story about the Norwegian pedophile network was pulled from the internet by more than one major news outlet at around the same time. And why legacy news organizations like the New York Times are working furiously to cast doubt on any mention of pedophile rings involving high-level officials.

Why Did The ‘New York Times’ Delete A Story About Norwegian Pedophile Network? [Opinion]

After '#pizzagate' comes arrests of Norwegians involved in pedophilia, some of those involved are lawyers and politicians, according to Norwegian police. The cases include rape, trafficking, and production of photos and videos of child abuse.

History of pedophilia and sexual abuse in politics

In 2015 British police launched "Operation Hydrant", and investigated about 1400 celebrities, politicians and personalities, suspected of child abuse and pedophilia. The scandals in the world of politics do not stop there, after the death of "big Cyril", a member of the British parliament, has been revealed he abused hundreds of children. The allegations came after his death, and other politicians were involved. Credibility comes not only by the number of victims and their reports but, from a member of the same parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, who prepared a dossier some 30 years ago. At the time the politician told his family members that the dossier he was preparing would "blow the lid off of the #pedophilering and perhaps take down powerful, famous sex abusers who had infiltrated the highest reaches of British life". Margaret Thatcher's government is accused of covering up a large amount of reports and documents that connected important politicians to the pedophile ring. Not to mention entertainers and anchors Rolf Harris and BBC's Jimmy Savile.

Convicted sex offender Epstein flew powerful friends to his 'orgy island'

Perhaps the most disgusting of all in the United States, is the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, pedophile and a billionaire, friends with the most powerful people on the planet, including: Tony Blair, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson and other powerful figures. Although "pizzagate" has not been proven yet, one troubling fact is certain, Bill Clinton flew in the "Lolita express" 26 times. What makes this shocking, is the fact that these flights were to his private island, an island known to have held orgy parties involving minors. It is also very probable, by witnesses accounts given to police, that Epstein arranged orgies for hishigh-profilee friends in order to blackmail them later. 
After 'Pizzagate' - more politicians are accused of pedophilia 26 November 2016 ADRIANA JANSEN UK

Operation Midland: justice for sex abuse survivors 

21 DICEMBRE 2014

A man who was on a federal law enforcement agency's top 10 "most wanted list" after being indicted on charges of distributing child pornography was arrested in Alaska, officials said on Friday.
The suspect, 40-year-old Kevin Trask, was taken into custody by a Fairbanks International Airport police officer on Tuesday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement.
Trask initially provided a false identity before later admitting to being wanted for felony child pornography charges in California, the agency said.
An attorney for Trask, who officials said was under indictment in California, could not be immediately reached.
Federal officials in San Francisco began investigating Trask in March 2012 after he downloaded a video of child pornography. Authorities searched his residence in May of that year, after which Trask quit his job and moved to San Diego, the agency said.
Trask was then indicted in November 2012 after an investigation uncovered evidence he possessed or shared some 700 images and 10 videos, some of which included "sadomasochism and sex acts with toddlers," the agency said.
Authorities unsuccessfully attempted to find Trask in San Diego in late 2012 and early 2013, the agency said. Trask eluded arrest for four years.
Trask was being transported by the U.S. Marshals Service to California to face the charges, the agency said.
(Reporting by Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

Child porn suspect on 'most wanted' list arrested in Alaska Dec 9, 2016 

Maryland State Police computer crimes investigators say they have arrested and charged a Harford County man with the possession and distribution of child pornography.
The suspect is identified as David J Loukota, III, 50, of the 900 block of Top View Drive in Edgewood.
Earlier this year, an online investigation began involving the distribution and possession of child pornography by the Worcester County Sheriff's Office. Investigators obtained images of child pornography that were being distributed from a specific Internet address.

A Saskatoon man is facing child pornography and child sexual offences charges. Rhett Lundgren, 39, was arrested following a search of his home by members of the Saskatchewan internet child exploitation (ICE) unit.

Police said an investigation was launched on Nov. 29 into the online exploitation of children through social media applications. Lundgren is charged with two counts of arranging to commit a sexual offence against a child and one count of attempting to access child pornography.

Child pornography and sexual offence charges for Saskatoon man Rhett Lundgren December 9, 2016

More details have emerged about the case against Saskatoon high school teacher Rhett Lundgren, who is facing child pornography charges.
Lundgren, 39, faces two counts of arranging to commit a sexual offence against a child and one count of trying to access child pornography.
Police said the child involved was between the ages of eight and 10.
He is a teacher at Walter Murray Collegiate and has been suspended without pay by Saskatoon Public Schools.

New details emerge in child pornography charges against Rhett Lundgren Global News December 23, 2016 

A Canberra man accused of storing thousands of child pornography files has been refused bail in the ACT Magistrates Court
Mackenzie William Sutton, 36, was charged with two offences after a police search of his home in Nicholls on Friday.
The prosecutor told the court nearly 4,500 images and videos were found on a hard drive, mostly of girls between the ages of three and nine.
TOR software used, raising dark web concerns

Senior constable Michael Harris, from ACT Policing, told the court all of the material appeared to have been downloaded in November 2016 alone and that this was "highly unusual".
Senior Constable Harris said the fact that TOR software, which enables anonymous internet communication, was also found suggested Sutton was familiar with the dark web.
"The moment he gets on the internet he [would] be able to delete it … unrecoverable forever," he said.
Senior Constable Harris also told the court internet restrictions would be almost impossible to police.
"I find it difficult to be certain that he would not access internet from any other device he picks up," he said.
Sutton was denied bail and will return to court on December 20.

More than 4,000 child pornography files found on Canberra man's hard drive James Fettes 03 12 16 

Canberra 'Trump supporter' on child pornography offences refused bail DECEMBER 3 2016  Stephen Jeffery

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