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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

"Broken and Betrayed" "Violated" The true story of the Rotherham Abuse Scandal

Broken and Betrayed is an account of the Rotherham abuse scandal by the key whistleblower, Jayne Senior 
Sarah Wilson, who suffered years of grooming and sexual abuse from Rotherham’s notorious paedophilic gangs has written an autobiography, Violated, revealing the details of her abuse

Child exploitation campaigner Jayne Senior was named Good Housekeeping's Woman of the Year in 2015 CREDIT: PA WIRE 

The time scale, the severity of the crimes and the sheer number of victims are so staggering that even after three official reports the affair is far from over.

Senior spent 13 years working for a Rotherham council-funded programme aimed at identifying children at risk of sexual exploitation and she estimates there are more than 1,700 victims: this in a town of just 250,000. As of now, eight men of Pakistani origin and two white women have been convicted of abuse; five in 2010 after an investigation prompted by Senior; and, this year, the Hussain brothers’ circle, also on evidence collected by Senior’s team in 2002.

Asian sex gang raped 3 teenage girls in Rotherham 18 ottobre 2016

Rotherham child abuse: 1,400 children exploited 26 AGOSTO 2014

Horrific reality of 'industrial scale' child grooming 10 agosto 2016

Yet it is not the severity of the crimes, nor the paucity of convictions that make the affair a scandal. It is the cover-up. Senior repeatedly found warnings went unheeded, evidence was destroyed and, when her team gave information to outside police forces, she was reprimanded and accused of distortion and unprofessionalism. 
Senior is a local woman, born and raised in Rotherham. She had her first child as a teenager, and began her career in youth clubs, working her way up by taking training courses and eventually a degree. When she began working with children at risk of sexual abuse in 1999, the first few girls were referred to her by social services. Soon, the girls began recommending friends, and the numbers began to grow.
In a typical case, a child would be befriended by youngsters of predominantly Pakistani origin. Older men would then appear with “gifts” of drugs, SIM cards, cigarettes and alcohol. This led to claims of debt, which the girls were told could be worked off with sex. Many of the children believed they were the men’s girlfriends, even after they were passed on to associates. In the early years, girls were sent to work as prostitutes in Sheffield, a town with an established red light district. Later they were driven in taxis halfway across the country to gatherings where they would be raped multiple times.
When Senior approached the police, she was given an electronic dropbox and told to deposit testimonies, details such as car registration numbers, and the names of men and descriptions. Many years later, she discovered the box could not be accessed by outside forces, and was never consulted by Rotherham police. Senior’s information only ever leaked accidentally and, each time it did, Senior received a reprimand and Rotherham social services hid the evidence away.
The first cover-up came in 2002. An academic named Adele Gladman had been seconded to Senior’s team, where she collated existing files to show the weight of evidence that already existed against the Hussain brothers. Gladman shared her report with the council, and local and South Yorkshire police commanders, with the result that social services raided Senior’s office and confiscated the files. Gladman was sacked. Information leaked a second time in 2008 when a young policeman took evidence directly from Senior and logged it on the national police computer where it was accessed by Sheffield police.
This information led to the 2010 convictions of five Rotherham offenders. Only then did Rotherham police mount an investigation, but this case fell apart. Senior tells how Rotherham social services took the girls from her team’s care and left them without protection; they were open to intimidation and began to refuse to testify.
In 2010, a 17-year-old named Laura Wilson was murdered by a young gang member after he discovered that Wilson’s child, which he believed was his, had been fathered by his older uncle. Senior had logged Wilson’s history for years and identified her as at risk. Though her warnings had been ignored, Senior’s team was made the scapegoat for the murder. Her cases were folded into Rotherham social services and, when she was told she must re-apply for a senior post, she left.
However, the council report on the Wilson murder was so heavily redacted that it alerted the suspicions of the journalist Andrew Norfolk. He managed to track down Senior, who shared her files. In the end, the failure of the cover-up created the story.
There is still no satisfactory answer as to why so many of Rotherham’s institutions behaved so badly. The MP until 2012 was Dennis MacShane, who resigned after being imprisoned for expenses abuses. Senior alleges that she wrote MacShane a briefing paper on the issues, ahead of a conference they both attended on child grooming. So she was upset when he later claimed on BBC radio that no one came to him directly with a problem. MacShane also stated that though he may have been guilty of “doing too little”, he added that “there was a cultural issue of not wanting to rock the multicultural boat”. The crimes were the result of a mafia-like organisation and could not be investigated without identifying community links, yet the cover-up made it seem the town’s only priority was to protect the Asian community. This led to a backlash that was exploited by both the BNP and EDL.
One understands that those at fault would prefer to be damned as liberals rather than bigots, but both of the offical reports state that the council, social services and local police failed to act because the blame was placed on the girls – some as young as 11 – who were thought to be responsible for their own fates. Senior’s account is a rough-and-ready book by a woman who is not a natural writer, but it is a valuable snapshot into a very British kind of denial.

Rotherham whistleblower explains why sex abuse ring was covered up Nicholas Blincoe 24 MARCH 2016

UP to ten cops are being investigated over claims they sexually abused kids in scandal-hit Rotherham.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been called in to probe the involvement of an undisclosed number of police involved in sex abuse claims – with a top cop further admitting officers were to blame for “significant” failures into the Rotherham scandal.
South Yorkshire’s new Chief Constable Stephen Watson made the revelations after an independent report into the sexual exploitation of children in the town was released.
He said: “Stuff has been passed onto the IPCC who are actively looking into all of those cases.
In some cases there are suggestions that officers themselves were involved in the abuse of children and those issues need to come through due process.”
The police watchdog confirmed the investigation, saying there had been “a range of allegations from a failure to act on reported child sexual exploitation to corruption by police officers”.
The Chief Constable admitted his force, which he joined over the summer, played a “significant part” in failures identified in Rotherham as part of the child sex scandal, but said improvements have now been made.
He described failures to recognise and help victims as “totally inexplicable and unforgivable”.
He said: “What went on in Rotherham was a total systemic failure and it was a failure in which South Yorkshire Police played a significant part.”
His admission comes after an independent report from two years found that 1,400 children were abused by men of largely Pakistani heritage between 1997 and 2013 while those in authority failed to act.
Professor Alexis Jay’s damning document detailed how girls as young as 11 were raped, trafficked, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.
It said there had been “blatant” collective failures by the council’s leadership, a failure by South Yorkshire Police to prioritise the issue and said senior managers had “underplayed” the scale of the problem.
In February, during a trial of a gang of men convicted of sexually exploiting and abusing girls in Rotherham, collusion between police officers and offenders was suggested.
Allegations were made that South Yorkshire Police officers passed information and drugs to a Rotherham child grooming ring and acted to protect serial child abusers Arshid and Basharat Hussain from prosecution.
One victim also alleged a detective at the force “had sex with girls” linked to the grooming gang.

COP SEX ABUSE SHOCK Rotherham child abuse scandal gets even worse as now TEN POLICE OFFICERS are accused of sexually abusing children   

Rapists Policemen 7 DICEMBRE 2016

Rotherham child abuse: The background to the scandal 5 February 2015

29 January 2015

When Sarah Wilson was 11 years old, a 30-year-old man raped her in the school playground at night. The paedophilic attack was so traumatic that Sarah, who had no understanding of sex, was left numb to tears. When she returned home that night, she felt not only a deep sense of shame and disgust but also a fear that normal life was now over.
Sarah’s rape was the grotesque beginning of her systematic grooming and sexual assault. She was plied with alcohol and drugs, driven across the country to be raped by multiple men in one night, and ignored by both the police and social services. Her story is not unique. Sarah is one of at least 1,400 children who were sexually exploited by gangs of predominantly Pakistani-origin men in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013. But when a report last summer finally revealed the scale of abuse in Rotherham, Sarah’s only surprise was that someone finally cared.
Last week, a National Crime Agency investigation announced that around 300 suspects had been identified, including two serving or former Rotherham councillors. Taxi drivers, who were involved in trafficking victims, have also come under scrutiny. Around 25 taxi drivers no longer have licenses due to child abuse concerns, and hundreds of taxi drivers are planning to strike in response to rules requiring them to install CCTV inside their cabs.
As Rotherham finally begins to address almost two decades of paedophilic grooming, Sarah Wilson, who’s now 23 years old, has written an autobiography, Violated, revealing the details of her abuse

Groomed as an 11-year-old

Sarah first became vulnerable to grooming because she was isolated and bullied at school. She had no friends her own age and so, when older girls invited her to hang out, she was grateful for the chance to belong and she accepted the alcohol and cannabis they offered. One girl, 15-year-old Nadine, brought Sarah along to meet her 30-year-old “boyfriend” and other grown men. Years later, Sarah learnt that once paedophiles’ victims became young adults, they would be pressured to find new, younger girls. Nadine wasn’t simply Sarah’s friend, but her pathway to abuse.
“The teachers saw me get bullied but they weren’t bothered really, they just left it,” says Sarah. “It was just petty bullying but that’s what pushed me towards hanging around with older people and I think that’s where it all started to go out of control.”
Sarah drank vodka with Nadine and, one night, the older girl introduced her to two grown British Pakistani men. They preyed on Sarah immediately, asking whether she was a virgin and laughing when she said “yes” – even though she looked like a young child. One of the men put his hands on the inside of her thighs as part of a “test” to see whether there was a gap between her legs, which they told her was proof that she had had sex.
“I felt intimidated, it was a horrible feeling,” says Sarah. “Any child would feel embarrassed. I thought the men were too old but I don’t know what I thought was happening. What does an 11-year-old really understand, apart from growing up and playing with Barbie dolls?,” says Sarah.
She was forced to give one of the men oral sex soon after they first met but, after the initial assault, Sarah was not physically attacked for more than a year. Instead, she was introduced to a wider circle of Asian men, who fed her alcohol and cannabis until she became dependent on the drugs.
Soon after her 12th birthday, Sarah got into a car with a fat 35-year-old British Pakistani man who took her virginity. A friend at the time warned Sarah that the man was a paedophile and shouldn’t be trusted, but Sarah ignored her.
“I wish I’d listened to her now, because then maybe I wouldn’t be sat here,” says Sarah. “Maybe I would have turned out worse or maybe I would have become a lawyer or doctor. But I didn’t have a say on how I was going to turn out because my abusers had that say. That was up to them, how my life was going to be.”
By the time Sarah was 13 years old, she was addicted to the cocaine and amphetamines that she was frequently fed, and rape had become a standard part of her life. She would be collected from her house and driven across the country, where she’d be forced to have sex with dozens of men.
On one occasion, Sarah remembers lying on a dirty mattress in a dark room in an unknown city in England. Sweaty men, their faces hidden by shadows and each old enough to be her father, would take turns to climb the stairs to the room and have sex with her.
Vodka helped numb the experience, but Sarah remembers focusing her attention on a cobweb in the corner of the room. She made her body go limp and her mind go blank.
“You just have to shut yourself off,” says Sarah. “Otherwise, you’ve f***ed it. If you showed your emotions, you’d just get beaten up. If you say, ‘No, I’m not doing that’, what are the consequences going to be? There’s nothing you can do.”
Whenever she was with the men, she refused to focus on the reality. And whenever she was alone, she shut down her mind through constant sleep. “As soon as I opened my eyes, it would be to join them,” she says.
When Sarah’s drinking and abuse first started, her mother Maggie knew her daughter was unhappy at school but, as a single mother with four children, she was working double shifts late into the night and unable to monitor Sarah constantly. She tried to ground and punish her daughter, and called the police whenever Sarah went missing. But by the time Maggie quit her job in desperation to focus on keeping Sarah safe, it was too late to control her.
Sarah was addicted to drugs and became violent whenever her mother tried her to stop going out to get her fix. Maggie confronted her daughter’s abusers but they either laughed or threatened her with violence. And without any support from the police, she was left powerless.
“She had the guys up by the throat saying, ‘You do know she’s only 12 years old?’,” says Sarah. “They just laughed in her face. She tried to drag me home, they dragged by back. I had 15 guys pull me out of my mum’s house but I hated her. That’s the extent of brainwashing in child exploitation. They make you think that they’re the only people you have.
“They’d say, ‘Your mum doesn’t love you does she, or else she’d be out here looking for you’. She did go out and drag me home but because they brainwashed me so much, I didn’t see what my mum tried doing. All I could see was what my abusers were telling me.”
Local authorities were not blind to the town’s paedophile rings. When Professor Alexis Jay published her investigation into Rotherham abuse, she criticised the police and council for their failure to take victims seriously. “South Yorkshire Police regarded many child victims with contempt,” she wrote. “Nobody could say 'We didn’t know’.”
In Sarah’s case, she is angrier at the police for their apathy than at her paedophilic abusers, and she says the authorities carry most of the blame for her suffering. “If they were such professionals, why has it taken up to now to pull their finger out their arses and actually start doing something?,” she says.
On one occasion, her mother showed Sarah’s mobile phone to the police and pointed at the telephone numbers for 177 adult Asian men, but the police claimed that the Data Protection Act prevented them from investigating. The police told Maggie that Sarah’s behaviour was a “lifestyle choice” and, although they stopped the cars she was being trafficked in on several occasions, they would chat with Sarah’s attackers and showed no concern for a child travelling alone with several grown men.
Sarah called the police herself only once - to report a particularly brutal rape - but the officer laughed and refused to investigate. After speaking for a couple of minutes on the phone, the police officer said that as several weeks had passed since the attack, there wouldn’t be any evidence and the incident was not worth looking into.
When I ask Sarah what she’d like to say to those police officers now, she is briefly frozen in anger.
“Drop dead. I’d tell them to drop dead,” she says. “Why would a 12-year-old girl have 177 numbers of fully-grown men in her phone? The police thought that if we were getting raped, we wouldn’t keep going back. But the sex and drugs were not my decision. A child cannot consent to anything – they can’t consent if they want a packet of sweets or a fizzy drink. How can a child consent to sex with a 30-year-old man? The police just looked at us as dirty little prostitutes.”
She’s similarly disgusted by her two social workers, who used to moan about their caseload and treated both Sarah and her mother with disdain. “I f*ing hate them. They’re crap, they’re crap, they’re just crap,” she says. The social workers, she claims, never showed any concern for Sarah, and acted as though they couldn’t wait for the workday to end so they wouldn’t have to think about Sarah any more.
When Sarah was briefly moved to a care home, the staff there were fully aware of the abuse but would ask, “Who are you sleeping with tonight, Sarah?,” as though paedophilic rape was an acceptable norm. When Sarah was driven home by her abusers, the staff would sometimes use care home funds to pay the taxi fare.
Race was an undeniable factor in Rotherham abuse: the vast majority of the paedophiles were men with Pakistani origins, while the victims were nearly all white girls. But despite this, Sarah remains remarkably unprejudiced. “I can’t class Asian men as the same because of what happened to me. There’s good or bad in every single race.”
Although Sarah was systematically abused by predominantly British Pakistani men, she was also saved by one. A middle-aged man called Hamid became Sarah’s “guardian angel” when he saw the 16-year-old in a grocery shop and asked her to give him a call if she was ever in trouble. Hamid was a relatively wealthy owner of a chain of corner shops and, unbeknownst to Sarah, he was already dying of cancer when they first met.
He soon became her protector, warding off her attackers and allowing Sarah to stay in one of his properties as she detoxed from drugs. Hamid found Sarah a waitressing job with one of his friends, bought her a new phone so her old abusers couldn’t contact her, and became the intervention that allowed Sarah to rebuild her life.
He was the dad I never I had,” says Sarah. “He’d tell me off if I stepped out of line or did something I shouldn’t, and he never touched me. When I was with Hamid, my abusers wouldn’t dare look at me.”
“I can’t say Asian men are all the same because they’re not. Hamid was a religious Muslim man, a very good man, and saving a young girl was a good deed for him. If a Muslim does a good deed, they can go straight up to Paradise when they pass away, and that’s what he was doing. He was like an angel that just fell from the cloud. I love him to bits,” she says.
Sarah’s nightmare didn’t end once she had escaped her abusers and overcome her drug addiction. In 2010, her younger sister Laura was murdered, becoming Britain’s first white victim of an honour killing.
Laura was never groomed by the older men, but aged 15 she fell in love with a 16-year-old called Ashtiaq Asghar. The couple broke up when Laura discovered that Asghar had cheated on her, and she had a brief affair with Asghar’s friend, Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, and became pregnant with his daughter.
Laura then rekindled her relationship with Asghar, but this was kept a secret from his devout Muslim family. One night, Laura confronted Asghar’s family and told them that she loved Asghar and wanted to marry him. Asghar was furious, believing that Laura had bought shame on his family, and plotted her murder in response.
Asghar lured Laura to a canal in Rotherham and stabbed her more than 40 times, before throwing her body in the water.
In December 2013, Asghar was sentenced to 17 ½ years imprisonment.
Sarah hasn’t had any therapy to help cope with her trauma. She was offered bereavement counselling when her sister died but after the first session, the therapist said she could have a second appointment in two months time. “I told her not to bother,” says Sarah.
Sarah says she hasn’t heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, though she seems to show the classic symptoms, and doesn’t understand depression. “Some days I just sit there all day and cry, and some days I can laugh about it all,” she says.
She has flashbacks and nightmares, periods of insomnia and intense anger. “I sit there and think, I just need to go out and batter someone. But then I think, where’s that going to get me?” Sarah also suffers panic attacks, which can be triggered by anything from a spider on the wall to a fly buzzing near. “I get right stressed and then I just hide away for a couple of days,” says Sarah. “I won’t leave the house.”
Sarah is currently working with the police to help them recognise signs of grooming, and has begun to compile evidence to build a case against her attackers. She has recently given birth to her 14-week-old son, Myles, and plans to raise him in Rotherham. When I ask why she doesn’t move away, she’s quick to respond: “My sister’s buried there,” she says.
“Rotherham’s my town, why should I be run out of my town because of what they did?,” says Sarah. “If it was up to me, I’d be living next door to the b******s to intimidate them. Rotherham’s where I was born and grew up. It’s my home.”
‘Violated’ by Sarah Wilson is published by Harper Element priced £7.99. To order your copy call 0844 871 1514 or visit

A Rotherham abuse survivor speaks out Words by Olivia Goldhill and video by Ju Zhang, Thursday 7 June 2015

Violated: A Shocking and Harrowing Survival Story From the Notorious Rotherham Abuse Scandal Kindle Edition by Sarah Wilson

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