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lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

Sir Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump and The Power of Celebrity

An adoring public easily dismissed sexual assault allegations against beloved British TV host Sir Jimmy Savile. So did police. Everyone felt they knew him. But when Savile died in 2011, it all came out.

How can a celebrity hide sexual abuse in plain sight?
Look no further than Sir Jimmy Savile, a multi-millionaire English television personality and beloved Top of the Pops host.
During Savile’s lifetime, two police investigations looked into reports that Savile was a sexual predator who molested children, the earliest being more than 50 years before his death. And those who accused him, and there were many, were routinely vilified
Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame even found himself banned from BBC Radio for saying in an interview that Savile was a pervert.

John Lydon says he was 'banned from BBC' over Jimmy Savile comments 24 September 2015

For his part, Savile assured everyone that all claims against him were false, while also bragging to interviewers that “he could get anything he wanted.”
But after his death in 2011, Savile was exposed as one of the worst sexual predators in the history of the United Kingdom.
Police eventually concluded that he had molested some 450 people, mostly children and many of them with special needs.
Now, I have absolutely no idea whether recent allegations that former reality TV star Donald Trump sexually assaulted women are true, and I take no position on his guilt or innocence. Such matters are best left to the courts. But as the Savile case makes clear, thinking you “know” a celebrity just because you have spent hours watching him on television is an all-too-common mistake.

It has always been clear that his attitudes toward women are dangerously retrograde; he’s never tried to hide who he is. Quite the opposite in fact; he’s built a successful brand out of being an offensive playboy who’s allowed to get away with it. In short, he’s built his entire career on the foundation of what feminist academics call “rape culture”.

If you’ve got enough money or fame, women will let you do anything to them

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anythingGrab them by the pussy You can do anything.” – off-camera remarks on Access Hollywood, 2005
“Women find his power almost as much of a turn-on as his money.” – Donald Trump describing himself, as quoted in The Narcissist Next Door by Jeffrey Kluger

Donald Trump's Cynical Exploitation of Rape Culture   
  • After Trump video, thousands of women share sexual assault stories  

    The Violence of Donald Trump Bridgette Dunlap October 8, 2016

    In a 2005 deposition Cosby gave to defend himself against allegations of sexual abuse, he comes across – unwittingly or not – as an arrogant sexist who thinks of women as toys to be played with rather than autonomous people. It's not just his sexual exploits, which even by his own account seem largely predicated on trying to get reluctant women into bed – he also routinely expresses contempt for women's ability to make their own choices about things like career and education.
    Maybe these rape allegations, as hard as they are to hear about, will serve as a wake-up call, helping Americans realize that rape isn't a result of excessive lust or a too-casual sexual environment. It's the result of male entitlement, plain and simple.

    The London Metropolitan Police created a special taskforce called Operation Yewtree in light of the Savile revelations to investigate British media personalities who had molested children. The operation has thus far led to 19 arrests and 6 convictions.

    Americans are not likely to recognize many of the convicted celebrities, except for rocker Gary Glitter sentenced to 16 years in prison and artist and musician (“Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport“) Rolf Harris, sentenced to five years and nine months in prison. Queen Elizabeth once commissioned Harris to paint her official portrait.
    Society must be careful, very careful, about who it puts into positions of power. A serial womanizer is bad enough; a sexual predator is worse.

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