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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

lunedì 12 settembre 2016

Red Brigade teaches girls to 'beat' harassers

Lucknow: In an attempt to make young girls aware about the difference between harmless contact and sexual harassment, Red Brigade Trust organized a self-defence class and awareness campaign, in association with the Times Foundation & Bennett Touch, on Saturday.

Titled 'Good Touch, Bad Touch', the class was organized at the Lucknow Convent Inter College and was conducted by Red Brigade founder member Usha Vishwakarma, along with 15 other team members. Over a 100 girls, between the ages of 12 and 18 years, participated in the self-defence class. Girls below the age of 12 years, were shown a video to make them understand the difference between a 'good touch' and a 'bad touch'. The girls were also shown techniques to defend themselves in a situation when the attacker is an acquaintance or a family member. Red Brigade members also distributed chilli and pepper spays among the girls.

Vishwakarma said, "It is important for young girls to understand the difference between a good and a bad touch. They should be careful as often their complaints are not taken seriously by their own family."

"We have worked in six states - Delhi, AssamTamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Uttar Pradesh. This year, we aim to train over 3,000 girls in self-defence" she said.

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