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giovedì 15 settembre 2016

Mother of Cairo rape victim seeks justice

The mother of a Thai woman raped in Egypt lodged a petition yesterday with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), seeking justice for her daughter. 

Sanguan, mother of the 22-year-old woman who who worked at a five-star hotel in Cairo, and who withheld her surname, yesterday submitted the petition to CSD deputy chief Chakrit Sawasdee against a Thai man, identified only as Jo, for sexually assaulting her daughter on Sept 5. 

The petition came after the woman told her mother she was raped by Mr Jo, 21, who had accompanied one of her friends identified as James to a party at the hotel's employee dorm late on Sept 4. 

Ms Sanguan said her daughter did not know Mr Jo. However, she did not protest when he arrived at the party as she thought he was her friends' acquaintance. 

After the party finished around midnight and everyone had left, Mr Jo went into her room as she was cleaning up. She said he attacked her from the back, holding her throat, saying he wanted to to have sex with her. She said he had stolen her room key before leaving the party. 

The woman pleaded with him to let her go, promising she would not tell anyone about the incident. 

However, she said Mr Jo dragged her into her bedroom where he punched her in the stomach and raped her. 

The woman collapsed and was later taken to hospital by other hotel employees who found her. 

After the incident was reported to hotel management, a lawyer accompanied the woman to file a complaint with Egyptian police and inform the Thai embassy. 

The woman was also taken to hospital for examination. 

The embassy contacted Mr Jo's mother who claimed her son had flown back to Thailand, prompting Ms Saguan to seek help from the CSD. 

Pol Col Chakrit said the CSD was able to handle the case as both complainant and the accused were Thai, adding the division must wait for an investigation report from Egyptian authorities. 

H็e instructed Pol Lt Pornpimol Dokmai, deputy investigation inspector of the CSD's division 1, to oversee the case. 

Mr Sanguan's account and her complaint will be used as evidence to apply for an Egyptian visa as she wants to fly there to take care of her daughter, Pol Col Chakrit added. 

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