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lunedì 5 settembre 2016

Linebacker Raped Woman Twice, Sent Videos to Her Ex

Earlier this week, USC linebacker Osa Masina was suspended amid two separate sexual assault investigations stemming from incidents in July—one in California and one in Utah. TMZ released new information after obtaining a warrant related to the investigation.

The victim of both assaults reportedly told police that Masina raped her July 14 and 26, and on the first date a USC teammate raped her as well. She says she later learned Masina had taken photos and videos of them having intercourse July 14 and sent them via Snapchat to her ex-boyfriend, a football player at the University of Arizona.
She says Masina first raped her at the apartment of USC sophomore linebacker Don Hillwho also raped her. The woman says Masina had given her a couple Xanax pills throughout the day, and she had also been drinking wine and Captain Morgan, as well as smoking weed. She had reportedly spent the day at a frat party and was "out of it" when she was taken to Hill’s apartment.
"The next thing the victim recalls is having sex with Osa Chad Masina," the search warrant says, according to TMZ.
The second assault happened 12 days later in Utah, reportedly after another day of drinking and smoking weed. The woman says she passed out and woke up to find Masina on top of her. She says he forced her to have anal and oral sex.
After waking up the next day in pain, the woman went to police and a rape kit was administered.
Neither player has been charged with any crime, though the investigation is ongoing. Hill remains on the active USC roster and is expected to play Saturday in the Trojans’ opener against Alabama.

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