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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

giovedì 15 settembre 2016


Indian families have revealed the devastating aftermath of rapes committed on their children. Five girls, whose names have been changed to protect their identity, have told their harrowing stories and the lasting effect it has had on their loved ones. 

Shockingly, parts of the community sided with the rapist, as he was the only male of the family and his prison sentence meant nobody was able to financially support his family

One girl was only four when she was raped by a neighbour as she played on the roof of her house while a nine-year-old girl recalled years of sexual abuse at the hands of her own father.    

Dipti, now seven, was just four when she was raped by a neighbour in his twenties.

With her mother at the market and her father in the shower, the rapist found her playing on the roof of her house and attacked her. 

Her father came up after his shower and asked her why her pants were wet, and she told him what happened to her. 

Having reported the rape to the police, they asked for medical treatment for Dipti, but officers said: 'Your daughter looks fine, all we need is her pants for the investigation,' according to the family.

Despite the severity of the crime, parts of the community sided with the rapist, as he was the only male of the family and his prison sentence meant nobody was able to financially support his family.

He was in jail for 18 months, but now he is out on bail, and has offered the family 80,000 rupees - about £900 - to drop the case.

After the rape, Dipti stayed home from school for 15 days because people were approaching her on the road to school, threatening that they would attack her brother unless her family dropped the case.

Gitanjali, nine, was sexually abused by her 30-year-old father for years. Last year, he raped her. 

He threatened to beat her and her mother with metal rods if she told anyone.

Shockingly, Gitanjali's mother said her daughter was to blame and that even though her husband often beat her, she wants him released from jail.

'If he gets out he will promise to stop abusing Gitanjali. It's her fault as well,' said the mother.

'When she would be sick she would stay in bed, she would run around and act childish and my husband would watch her. 

'I told her to stay away from him. 

'She should have shouted when he locked the door. She didn't share anything with me.' 

She says that her husband would often make her sleep on the floor while he slept in the bed with Gitanjali. 

Thankfully, Gitanjali's grandfather got wind of the abuse and notified the police, who arrested him. 

Since then, the whole family and whole village has been pressuring him to drop the case

He said: 'Everyone in the village is against me. 

'They say that he's my only son and ask who will look after me and my family? 

'They don't understand that what he did is very wrong. They don't think that it's true.

'Even my wife and Gitanjali's mother want me to drop the case. 

'I don't know how much longer I can go on, but I know who he is, I know he will never change. 

'If I drop the case it will give him the strength to do this again.' 

Their neighbors and people in the village tease and taunt Gitanjali, tell her to stop lying and ask 'what will happen to your future?', 'who will marry you now?' and 'what will happen to your mother?'.   

Gitanjali says that she feels sad that her father is in jail. 

She says when he is around there is more money for him to looks after the family and buy them things.

The tragic youngster says everyday her mother calls her a prostitute and blames her for her father being gone.

Three months ago, eight-year-old Sadaf was raped by a doctor in her village.

She was walking to the market to buy sweets when the doctor, who her family believe is around 50 years old, pulled her inside his clinic and raped her.

Afterwards she stumbled out onto the street and fainted. 

When her family found her she was covered in blood.

They went to the police, but officers refused to register a case, advising them hat to compromise because the doctor was offering them 2 lakh rupees (around £2,200) to drop the case.

The family refused, and said: 'They destroyed the life of our child, how can we compromise?'

It proved difficult to even get the police to register the case, but after 10 attempts at reporting the horrific crime, officers finally took notice. 

Sadaf did not stop bleeding for five days after the rape, and had to be regularly shuttled from hospital to hospital for treatment.

Since the rape Sadaf has been sick and week and is too afraid to leave the house or return to school. 

The family is also afraid to let her leave the house because they say the rapist comes from a rich and powerful family and could harm or kidnap her. 

Before the rape she enjoyed going to school and dreamed of being an English teacher when she grows up. 

She loved to play board games and cricket with her best friend, Nisha, but she hasn't seen her for three months. 

Sadaf's uncle, who is fighting the case, has taken out two loans to help pay for transport to the court house and for lawyer bills.

Every time he has to go to court he must take off work from his job as a day labourer.

Five-year-old Nirmala was raped by her mother's boss after being sent to the corner shop to buy food. 

On her way there, the man came up to her and offered to buy her sweets.

He took her to a wooded area behind an apartment building complex, raped her, and inserted a pen inside her. 

He left her naked and bleeding heavily. 

She required two surgeries and stayed in the hospital for three months and the rapist was eventually caught two weeks later.

Since he's been in jail, but his family are pestering Nirmala's, offering them money to drop the court case.

Nirmala's family has since moved to a different neighbourhood because neighbours sympathised with the rapist, saying, 'The girl's life is spoiled, what will you do now?'.

Nirmala's mother says they won't accept the money offered by her ex-boss's family, and that they want justice instead.

Priyanka, 15, was raped by a neighbour last year when she was 14.  

The neighbour had been harassing her for a long time before one night he approached her on a motorbike with a group of friends and threatened to kill her if she didn't get on it with him. 

He drove to a friend's house where he raped her.

For 10 days, the police refused to register a case against him and when they did, they held her for two days in the station until she agreed to say in the statement that she went willingly with the him. 

Priyaka and her family say that he comes from a rich, influential family. 

Residents from her village now believe she ran away willingly with him and that she was equally to blame.

After the rape, he continues to harass her, sending his friends to tell her if he sees her he will kill her, that he will kidnap her sisters and kill her father.

Recently the rapist and his friends beat up Priyanka's father after spotting him on a public road.  

Two weeks ago the victim was wed to a 22-year-old man in an arranged marriage. 

They were worried about her safety and Priyanka thought that she would be safer if she was married and living in a different village. 

Her husband doesn't know about the rape, and the rapist has sent letters to her home threatening to tell her new family and break up the marriage. 

'I feel angry. There's nothing left in me.' Priyanka said. 

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