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martedì 6 settembre 2016

7 Iowa teachers guilty of sex abuse get no prison time

An investigative report from the Des Moines Register unearthed the fact that some teachers who have sexually abused their students didn't have to go to jail.
If there is anything positive about the extensive media coverage of the Stanford rapist Brock Turner, it’s that his legal battlein which he received a mere three-month prison sentence for two accounts of rapehas awoken public interest in similar cases.
This has good potential for sex abuse survivors, who, more often than not, have to quietly suffer the repercussions of their abuse knowing that there are judges who allow perpetrators to receive a minimum sentence in prison, if sentenced at all, for crimes waged against them.
On Monday, the Des Moines Register published an expose regarding the absence of justice for some child rape and molestation victims in Iowa
Seven Iowa teachers who have been convicted of some form of sexual abuse, from rape to lavish sexual misconduct, received absolutely no time behind bars for their appalling criminal behavior.
The investigation uncovered details that these pedophiles who have a history of being convicted for sexual abusing students were placed on probation, instead of behind barswhich is the law in Iowa. According the Des Moines Register, the 1997 law stated that sexual predators are required to be imprisoned rather than placed on probation. The twenty-year old law applies to teachers, social workers, and psychologists, or other abusers who work with children.
During the last five years, there have been at least seven occurrences in which teachers working in Iowa have sexually abused students at their own schools received no prison time. In light of the new report, some of these cases may be brought to re-trial as judges are admitting their mistake or oversight. 
The most recent cases:
  • Cherokee physical education teacher Chad Osler was accused of having sex with a student over a three-year period before his arrest in 2015. In July, a judge waived his 10-year prison term for third-degree sex abuse and instead ordered him to serve five years of probation. The victim was no more than 15 years old in 2013 when the conduct began, according to court documents.
  •  A Floyd County judge waived 10 years of prison and sentenced Pella band instructor Ben Thompson to five years of probation in April. Thompson was accused of sexually abusing a student 14 or 15 years old, court records show. 
  • Remsen-Union teacher Samantha Kohls in April was sentenced to one year of probation after pleading guilty to lascivious conduct with a minor. The case involved sex with a 17-year-old student. After probation, her conviction could be expunged.
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