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domenica 24 aprile 2016

Teenage girl found dead was raped by 21 men

News of a class 12 student whose mutilated body was found a few yards away from the residence of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav sent shock waves across the nation when it broke on 16 February.

In a horrific revelation, forensic examination of the victim has revealed that the teenage girl was raped by 21 men, before and after she died. 
According to the police, DNA profiles of 21 different people found on the victim. The report has also highlighted the fact that the girl was raped even after she died.
With news of the gangrape spreading, police officials are reportedly in a dilemma on whether or not to go public with the report. 


  • The victim had gone missing on 10 February after she had left her home in Janakipuram area to go to school. 
  • Her semi-nude, swollen body was found in the thickets at a spot near the residences of the CM and the DGP on 16 February.
  • According to reports, the police later arrested two rickshaw pullers and two caddies of the Golf Club. The four allegedly admitted that they had seen the girl's body hanging from a tree. They reportedly admitted to having brought her body down from the tree and admitted to having raped her for two days after which the body began to decompose.
  • The four have been taken into custody. The police also recovered the victim's mobile phone from the village of one of the rickshaw pullers.
  • Forensic examination revealed that the girl had died due to excessive bleeding even though there was no trace of blood at the spot from where her body was found.
  • - With Deccan Chronicle inputs

    UP: Teen girl found dead near Akhilesh Yadav's house was raped by 21 men, reveals DNA report 22 April 2016

    Teenage Indian girl raped by over 100 people, including policemen 20 APRILE 2016


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