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giovedì 24 marzo 2016

India: consequences of violent and teen porn

A survey on 'Consequences of violent porn and teen porn’ was carried out by 'Rescue', an NGO on 470 students from 25 colleges in the city. The survey made a shocking revelation that about 15,000 rapes per day were viewed on video by youngsters in the age group of 16-21 years, and that 38% of boys watch violent porn, including an average of 11 rapes per week on porn sites. 
Rescue is an NGO which conducts moral awareness programmes in more than 200 colleges each year teaching against violent pornography, teen abortions, human trafficking, AIDS, irresponsible sexual behavior and rape. Rescue has held awareness programmes at 50 colleges in Mangalore for 21,000 students in the last few months.

He further added that teen girls are trafficked for prostitution and around 250 girls from the city are gang-raped every night. Human trafficking for sexual slavery has become a business and is rampant in foreign countries.

He also recommended the inclusion of cyber ethics in the syllabus and stressed that there is a need to create awareness on the issue among students. He said, watching porn sites frequently increases the urge for sex which also results in divorce in many situation. 

"About 70% of the porn sites consist of child porn. About 50% of boys in the city watch teen porn, while 13,000 demand teen porn. Teen girls are abducted to make these videos. About 75% also stated that porn sites inspire them to go to prostitutes. In fact, 37% of these degree students go to prostitutes. 9,400 boys in the city demand and pay for young prostitutes," Clifford revealed.

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In 2017, the NGO-Rescue will complete the survey in the entire country. And once the survey would complete, the NGO will recommend the government of
India to ban the websites which host rape, porn and child pornography and file a PIL to the court on this.

Consequences of violent porn and teen porn 24 Mar 2016 

15,000 rape videos watched by youngsters in city every day: NGO March 23, 2016

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