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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

sabato 30 gennaio 2016

Porn: a ‘public health crisis’

SALT LAKE CITY — A resolution introduced in the Utah State Legislature seeks to declare pornography a “public health hazard” and urges education and policy change to battle it.

India, condanna a morte per stupro di gruppo

La giovane fu sequestrata mentre tornava a casa da otto uomini, portata in un villaggio dove fu violentata e torturata prima di essere uccisa

12-year-old girl raped and murdered in Uttar Pradesh

A 12-year-old girl was raped and killed by an unidentified person in Nawabganj area.

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Global Porn

DETROIT ( - Statistics for Internet video pornography consumption last year show more people are using pornography than ever before.

India: Life After Rape

Mansi, 13, was trafficked by a man from her neighboring village who raped her behind a railway station in Maharashtra in 2012. (Photo courtesy: Smita Sharma)

When Smita Sharma began photographing survivors of rape in India in December 2014, the experience was so intense that she developed post traumatic stress disorder.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

The Women-Only Pink Rickshaw

The Andheri RTO in Mumbai announced the results of its autorickshaw permit lottery on Tuesday. For the first time, the government introduced a five percent reservation system for women and 548 women from across Maharashtra were granted permits under the system, reports The Times of India

Israeli Woman Teaching Self Defense Against Rape Culture

RapeCulture is more than just a hashtag — it’s something women cannot avoid, no matter where they live or whom they partner with. One-in-three women will experience a physical or sexual assault in her lifetime — by strangers on the street or from their own spouses or family members.

sabato 9 gennaio 2016

UK Government Deletes Essential Evidence for Pedophile Rings

London, UK – Testimonies vital to an independent inquiry into why pedophile rings appear to be exempt from capture, have been permanently deleted from servers. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologized in October for the incident caused by a change in web address, claiming that no security breach had occurred.

Pakistan boy, 7, gang raped and killed in brutal attack

A 7-year-old boy in Pakistan died after he was gang raped, according to local media.

Preti Pedofili: gli Abusi Sessuali del Coro di Ratisbona

Pope Benedict XVI with the Regensburg choir in Bavaria in 2006. The former pope’s brother conducted the choir from 1964 to 1994, a period that coincides with accusations of abuse. Credit Bernd Weissbrod/European Pressphoto Agency

Dal 1953 al 1992 sono stati almeno 231 i bambini del famoso coro del duomo di Ratisbona picchiati o su cui sono stati compiuti abusi sessuali da parte di preti o insegnanti della diocesi.

New Studies Link Porn to Sexual Violence

new study out of Indiana University and the University of Hawaii at Manoa has warned that porn consumption is significantly linked to increases in sexual aggression.

martedì 5 gennaio 2016

Girl raped, killed; One of the suspects nabbed

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl who was reported missing during the New Year’s Eve was found dead in a cave after she was raped by three men at Purok Saging, Barangay Canturay, Sipalay City Friday.

5-year-old raped, strangulated to death in Odisha

A 5-year-old girl was raped and then strangulated to death and her body dumped near Jajpur-Keonjhar Road railway station at Panasia in Jajpur, police said on Monday.

Pentagon: Hundreds of military kids sexually abused annually

A military judge convicted Marine Corps Cpl. Aaron C. Masa of sexual abuse of a child and production of child pornography, according to court records and other documents detailing the case.

Ogni anno, centinaia di bambine e bambini figli di membri delle forze armate Usa sono vittima di abusi sessuali, soprattutto da parte di militari, ma anche da parte di membri delle loro stesse famiglie. 

domenica 3 gennaio 2016

Teen’s body found hanging from tree, rape suspected

DEHRADUN: The discovery of the body of a teenager hanging from a tree in a Rotta Khad, 130 km from Dehradun, on Saturday has sent shock waves across the district, bringing back memories of the horrific Badaun incident in which two sisters were found hanging from a tree in May 2014. 

sabato 2 gennaio 2016

Sexual Revolution and Rape Culture

Roughly 80% of college men and 34% of co-eds use porn on campus or off, sanctioned by “free speech” Harvard professors and administrators—that’s campus sex culture! And, ominously, Data4Justice documents many “professors and staff…arrested for trading in brutal child sex abuse, including of infants.”

venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Indian girl, 14, hangs herself after police ignore gang rape

Protests in Delhi after the release of one of the men convicted of the fatal gang rape of a student Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images

An Indian teenager who was gang raped to avenge her mother’s victory in a local election has killed herself after police failed to take action.


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