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martedì 1 dicembre 2015

Woman gang-raped, killed in Delhi

Both the accused climbed onto terrace to gain entry; accomplice Abhimanyu absconding. Juvenile was a neighbour of the victim.

In a crime that could send shivers down the spine, two youngsters gang-raped the lifeless body of a young woman after raping and murdering her minutes earlier.

The 25-year-old woman’s semi-naked body was recovered from a forested area in North-West Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy on Saturday evening.

The horrific details of the crime unfolded after police nabbed a 16-year-old boy, who along with an adult accomplice, had allegedly committed the crime. His accomplice Abhimanyu alias Mannu, 22, is absconding.

The revelation sparked off a protest at Mukundpur Chowk with around 500 persons blocking the traffic and causing a two-hour jam.

The victim held a diploma in textile designing and stayed with her parents in Mukundpur, which falls under the jurisdiction of Shahbad Dairy police station. Her two brothers are settled in Abu Dhabi.

At the time of the crime, the woman’s parents were away to their native village in UP’s Mau district to vote in a local election. Police said that the juvenile accused, a neighbour of the victim, was aware of her parents’ absence.

The interrogation of the juvenile, so far, has revealed that the accused youths and their three friends consumed alcohol late on Friday night.

Abhimanyu and the boy were returning home in a Mahindra Maximo goods vehicle when the younger one mentioned about the woman being alone at home.

“They immediately planned to enter her house with an intention to sexually abuse her. Since the boy lived just a house away from the woman’s, it was not very difficult for him to climb onto her terrace and gain entry into her room located on the first floor. He then facilitated Abhimanyu’s entry into the house,” said Vijay Singh, DCP (North-West).

Finding the woman sleeping on a cot, they allegedly tried to choke her, causing her to fall unconscious. “The two took turns to rape the woman. When she gained partial consciousness, she tried put up a fight, but was strangulated and killed,” said the DCP. 

Looking to dump the victim’s body, the duo carried her down on their shoulders and onto the road when some neighbour noticed them. However, believing that it could be some family members carrying a sick woman to hospital, they ignored.

Meanwhile, the assailants placed the body in the leg-space in front of the driver’s seat and drove the vehicle away to a forested area, about a kilometre away and not very far from the Bhalswa Dairy police station.

As they were about to dump the body, the two raped the lifeless body once again before discarding some of her clothes elsewhere in the forested area, said a senior investigator.

A discussion between some neighbours in the morning revealed that the woman was missing from her home. Her parents were informed and a missing complaint filed by 11 a.m. on Saturday.

“A search by the police and public led to the recovery of the victim’s body from a forested area. She was in a semi-nude state and we suspected rape,” said the officer. Since the assailants did not have to make a forceful entry into the house, police initially believed it to be a friendly entry. 

They began questioning the local notorious youths, which finally led them to the boy who initially tried to mislead the police but later confessed to his crime.

While the boy works at a mobile phone repair shop, Abhimanyu is a driver by profession.

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