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sabato 31 ottobre 2015

Minor boy raped and murdered in Pakistan

Islamabad: A minor boy was raped and murdered in Pakistan's north-western province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, reportedly over a dispute involving a motorcycle.

The boy was abducted on Wednesday when he was coming out of a shop in Jatta village in Dera Islamil Khan district by three assailants who took him to a sugarcane field where they sexually abused and killed him, the Express Tribune reported.
"The assailants slit his throat and fled the scene," a local police official said.
"The boy was reportedly killed over a dispute involving a motorcycle. The accused have been identified as Noman, Habibullah and Wahidullah," he said.
The exact age of the victim was not known.
According to the official, an FIR has been registered against them.
In same district, a 13-year-old boy was abused by several men in August who also recorded a video of the act on their mobile phones.
The issue was later settled out of court by the boy's family with the accused. However, the video is still in circulation in the area.
According to Madadgaar National Helpline founder and Supreme Court lawyer Zia Awan, while 254 children were raped in different parts of the country, the number of children who were raped and killed stood at 767 for last year.

Minor boy killed after rape in northwest Pakistan October 30, 2015 

Islamabad—Eminent filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor has contributed to Pakistan Nari Tehreek’s campaign against rape titled ‘Inkaar – Zabarjinsi Say’ through a documentary launched and screened here at Allama Iqbal Open University Friday.

The film highlights the increasing trend of this heinous crime of rape against women which remains hidden because of limited reporting. HRCP claims one rape every two hours as per reported cases while the unreported cases are at least ten times as much according to WAR Lahore, which has been working on the issue for over ten years.

In the documentary, Shoaib Mansoor highlights attitude of society towards the crime of rape which leads to fear of losing honor among the victims and their families resulting into their reluctance in reporting such cases. The film highlights the fact that the blame should stay with the culprit instead of the victim.

The launching of the documentary was organized by a women’s movement called Pakistan Nari Tehreek as part of their campaign against rape. Under the leadership of Dr. Fouzia Saeed women leaders from all over Pakistan are part of this movement with a focus on bringing attitudinal change among society towards crimes against women especially rape.

The formal launch of campaign against rape named ‘INKAAR – Zabarjinsi Se’ by Nari Tehreek was also part of the ceremony attended by hundreds of participants from media, academia, students, civil society, and parliamentarians. 

After the announcement of the campaign, Mukhtaran Mai, who was also present at the event, gave her statement of solidarity with the campaign. After her, media personalities, academicians, martial arts trainers and a new group, ‘Pakistani Men Against Rape’ gave their solidarity statements.

Pakistan Nari Tehreek is a voluntary movement of concerned women and around 100 organizations working on women’s rights. It focuses on bringing attitudinal change towards violence against women and creating a safe society where women can live without the fear of being raped or violated in any way. 


Inkaar – Zabarjinsi: Documentary highlights rape and its taboo October 31, 2015

Pakistani teen gang-raped by two policemen self-immolates 15 OTTOBRE 2015

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