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sabato 3 ottobre 2015

6-yr-old girl raped and killed

JAIPUR: A six-year-old girl was abducted, raped and murdered by his brother-in-law at Sitsar village of Jhunjhunu district of the state. Police arrested the accused on charges of abduction, rape and murder, on Thursday. 

According to the police, the girl lived close to where her elder sister and her husband stayed in the village. "On Wednesday afternoon, he allured the girl to get some candies and chips and took her to an isolated place and raped. After raping the girl, he also strangulated and killed her before returning home," said a senior police officer of Sadar police station of Jhunjhunu. 

After raping and killing the girl, the accused identified as Ved Prakash (24), came along with the police to find her. "Since the girl went missing on Wednesday afternoon, the parents approached us in the evening. After the missing report, the accused Ved Prakash was continuously in touch with the police to give an impression that he was concerned for the missing girl. On Thursday morning he left his village and boarded a bus. When his wife called him up, he replied that he was in Jaipur for some work. That made him a suspect. We detained him and during interrogation he confessed his crime," said the investigating officer. 

Police have arrested him on the charges of abduction, rape and murder. 

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