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giovedì 10 settembre 2015

The Rapist Doctor

Women leaders are demanding the immediate arrest of the owner of a clinic linked to a video showing a man raping an unconscious patient.
The women have threatened to organise demonstrations if police do not arrest the man, identified as Mugo wa Wairimu, within 48 hours.
The founder of Okoa Dada Kenya, Ms Diana Okello, said her group was not satisfied with the way the police are handling the matter.
"This is a case of abuse, a case of violence against women," she said.
Addressing journalists in Nairobi on Wednesday, Ms Okello accused the police of laxity and said the government should improve health facilities.
She said women seek treatment in private hospitals because of the poor state of government health facilities.
She also urged the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board to publish a list of all qualified doctors and medical practitioners.
"This will assist the public (in seeking) medical help from qualified doctors," she said.
Mr Wairimu has not been arrested since a video showing a man raping an unconscious woman was broadcast on Citizen TV during prime time news on Sunday night.
The video showed a woman on a doctor's examination table and a man undressing before climbing onto the table and engaging in sex with the sedated woman.
Mr Wairimu took to Facebook to dare the police to arrest him and asked the public not to believe what he called "choreographed pornography".
He had been sharing his phone numbers on his Facebook wall before he deleted his page later yesterday afternoon.
Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi said the suspect had not been arrested and that he had gone into hiding.
Sources at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said police suspect Mr Mugo was hiding at an MP's house.

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