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lunedì 14 settembre 2015

Student abducted, gang raped in Delhi

A Class 6 student was abducted and gang raped by two youths in Delhi's Aman Vihar area on Sunday, according to Zee News.

The school girl was out for a morning walk when the two men abducted her, took her to their house and then took turns raping her, says the report.
Naushad and Mohammad then kept the girl confined to the house.
The duo gagged the Class XI student and tied her legs and hands so that she couldn't raise an alarm.
When the girl did not return home, her family and neighbours began a search. The Zee report says that some people found something suspicious in a house, which had been rented by Naushad. 
The house was found to be locked from outside, but the light was switched on. The people broke open the door and found the girl.
Subsequently, the angered mob found the rapists and thrashed them badly before tonsuring them. After this they were handed over to the police.
The Delhi police has arrested Naushad and Mohammad and launched a probe into the incident.

Class 6 student abducted, gang raped in Delhi; mob takes revenge 14 September 2015

Two rape victims shot dead in two days 14 SETTEMBRE 2015

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