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venerdì 4 settembre 2015

Six cops accused of raping a 22-year-old girl for three days

Six policemen were booked on the charge of raping a 22-year-old girl for three days.
The case has been registered against the accused, including Shahzad and Zulfiqar.
The victim told the police that Constable Shahzad Warraich with Zulfiqar and his four accomplices kidnapped her at gunpoint. She said that the accused took her to a hotel and continued to rape her after administering some intoxicant material.
She said that she somehow managed to escape and reached the Shadman Police Station. She alleged that the accused had also snatched gold ornaments worth Rs 150,000 from him.
After the medical check-up of the victim, the police registered a case against the accused and started investigations.

Six cops booked for raping 22-year-old girl in Lahore Sept 03 2015

An assistant sub-inspector, Balbir Singh, has been booked on the charges of raping and sexually exploitating a married woman

Mohali police has booked an assistant sub-inspector on charges of rape and sexual exploitation of a married woman who had approached him for help.

The woman in her complaint to the police said that she had been married to a person in Ludhiana a couple of years ago.

She was compelled to leave her in-laws place after they started harassing her for dowry. The family filed a complaint in a local police station in Phase 8, which was handed over to the accused sub-inspector Balbir Singh.

The victim told the police that the accused cop did not take any action against her husband and started pressurising her to have a physical relationship with him.

The victim alleged that Balbir Singh came to her house to inquire about the case and raped her after finding her alone at the home. She also said that the accused threatened her when she resisted. 

"I reported the matter to the police. Instead of helping, they tried to save him. I was compelled to complain directly to SP, Mohali," the victim told the media.

Cop booked for raping woman in Mohali Sept 04 2015

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