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martedì 22 settembre 2015

Protest against brutal gang-rape and murder of Hindu girls

Scores of human rights activists, nationalists and office bearers of Hindu rights organisations staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday against the alleged gang rape and killing of an intermediate student and school teacher, Hawa Meghwar.

Hawli Meghwar, 19yrs old girl, from Kunri, gang raped, murdered, and thrown away on road in front of her home in day time of 25 August, 2015.

The participants shouted slogans against the police and local influential people, as well as against the provincial government for supporting the culprits, alleging that there is a conspiracy afoot against Sindhi Hindus.
The participants said that Meghwar was gang raped and then murdered in Kunri, district Umerkot, where she used to teach.
The incident occurred on August 25, said Meghwar’s fellow community member, Punmoo.
The cause of death has been recorded as natural,” he said, adding that the police had detained her innocent cousin, Nirdosh, in the case.
Pumoo said that the influential people in the area were supporting the real culprits. “It is a conspiracy against Hindu people,” he alleged.
He said that Meghwar’s father, Pirboo, was under the influence of local landlords and was unable to join the protest.
The participants said that all the members of minority communities considered themselves Pakistanis. “But the state doesn’t consider us Pakistanis,” lamented a participant, Shankar Lal. “We are true Pakistanis. Such hatred won’t be tolerated.”  
The participants said that kidnappings, rapes and killings were routine matters in Kunri and its surrounding areas, forcing the people of Sindh to migrate to other countries.
The protest was organised by the Action Committee for Human Rights and the All Pakistan Hindu Punchayat. Members of different Hindu communities, political workers and Meghwar’s community members participated in the protest. 

Serious issue: Hindu community protest girl’s ‘gang rape’ September 21, 2015

We demanded justice of these cases which was happend in Sindh
Hawli Meghwar (19yrs old girl, from Kunri, gang raped, murdered, and thrown away on road in front of her home in day time of 25 August, 2015),
Naseebaan Bheel (From Shahdadpur, District Sanghar, 15yrs old girl got kidnapped and forcibly converted into other religion on 8th July 2015), and
Reshma Kolhi (From Dhoronaro, Umerkot, a minor girl who was gang raped and hanged till death on 16 September 2015)

18 year old raped, murdered 21 SETTEMBRE 2015

12-year girl gang raped in Okara 21 SETTEMBRE 2015

Massive protest after the rape of a 60-year old woman 2 SETTEMBRE 2015

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