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"Broken and Betrayed" "Violated" The true story of the Rotherham Abuse Scandal

Broken and Betrayed is an account of the Rotherham abuse scandal by the key whistleblower, Jayne Senior  Sarah Wilson, who suf...

martedì 1 settembre 2015

Pakistani woman raped for a month escapes

FAISALABAD: A woman who was raped by four men, including her former husband, for a month managed to escape and filed a complaint with the women’s police on Monday.

Police said the woman, a resident of Siddhupura, said that she was married to a man from the same locality but later divorced him because he would often beat her up.
“I then married another man from the same locality and I was happy with him…a month ago, my former husband and three of his friends abducted me from a market.”
She said they put her in a car and took her to a house where they detained her in a room.  There the four men beat her up and raped her several times during the month, she said.
A few days ago, they visited her while under the influence and raped her. “They later passed out and I ran away,” she said. The women’s police SHO they had registered a case against the men and were looking for them. “We will arrest them in two days,” she said.

Crimes against women: Woman raped for a month escapes September 1, 2015

India, A Child Abused Every Second 1 SETTEMBRE 2015

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