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lunedì 21 settembre 2015

Call for action against child rape and murder

In Sri Lanka the four-year-old Seya Sadewmi had been sexually abused before she was strangled to death 

Seya's funeral took place at the Badalgama Akarangaha general cemetery in Kotadeniyawa on Tuesday afternoon, a day before her birthday. Thousands of mourners gathered and some urged the police to arrest the culprit who committed the crime.

Seya Sadevmi was reported missing from her house after she went to sleep on September 11. The Kotadeniyawa Police commenced an investigation following a complaint lodged by the girl's grandfather. Later the girl's naked body was found near a stream in the same area.
The autopsy carried out by judicial medical officer Dr. M.N. Rahul Haq at the Negombo hospital revealed that the girl had been sexually abused before she was strangled to death using a strap of cloth. The police recorded statements from over 20 persons including several family members of the victim. The police investigation team used police canines at the initial stage of their investigations and also finger prints and other physical evidences were collected from the scene of the crime. Some believed that someone known to the victim had committed the crime while the police believe an outsider must have killed Seya.
Sadevmini's fate has thrown up a new dialogue over child abuse and murder in the island. Several socials workers, politicians have expressed their views in favour of imposing the death penalty on the murderer. 

CID takes over investigations into Seya's murder September 17, 2015 Yasaratne Gamage

Protest opposite Fort Railway station on Friday (Pic by Saman Abesiriwardena)

The National Shoora Council (NSC), an umbrella body of 18 national Muslim Civil Society Organizations (CBO) has vehemently condemns the brutal murder of the child Seya Sadevmini, who was strangled to death at Kotadeniyawa in Divulapitiya.

Following is a text of a statement issued by the NSC in this regard:

NSC pleads for collective action against all types of abuses against children in our country. It appeals to the President and the Prime Minister to reinforce law and the authorities to assure safe and secure lives for the children and women of our mother land and to take immediate actions against those who are behind this shocking incident.

Incidents of child abuse and rapes had been reported in the past and were associated with lack of law and order in the country. However, with the new government, the people of this country have great expectation from them to establish ‘good governance’, which could end all such abuses by effective implementation of law and order. Ending such crimes need collective action from political and civil society leaders, government authorities and the media at large and every citizen. It is important to enforce strict rules on such crimes that tamper with moral and human values of our nation.

The problems of crimes of these nature, child abuse, rape and incest are tip of the iceberg of a major problem our country is faced with. Indeed these are the effects and unless the causes that influence these crimes are holistically addressed these crimes cannot be stopped. Unfortunately, today unhindered access to pornography through the internet, nudism and promiscuity displayed in the print and digital media inciting subliminal feelings of people are the driving forces for these crimes. Therefore the NSC urges that whilst actions are taken to arrest and punish the perpetrators to these crimes, also urges to control the influencing factors like pornography in the internet and the media that propel one towards criminal actions of rape, child abuse, incest and murder.

Therefore the NSC urges all the stakeholders to act responsibly to bring an end to scourges of child abuse, rape, incest and murder in our country by not only implementing the law against the perpetrators but also controlling the causal factors that create this criminal ambience in our society. As responsible citizens and stakeholders we are duty bound to protect the ethical and moral foundation of our country as a virtuous nation build on civilised values.

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