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domenica 20 settembre 2015

9-year-old raped at home

GURGAON: The principal of a Delhi school has filed a police complaint after a nine-year-old student confided in her that she had been raped at her house in Gurgaon by the cook. 

The girl, who lives in an upscale area of Gurgaon, also alleged the cook had clicked some video clips of her on his cellphone, according to the complaint filed by the principal. Delhi Police filed a zero FIR based on the principal's complaint and transferred the case to Gurgaon, where a case was filed under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC and provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

But the investigation suffered an immediate setback as the girl's family backed the cook and said it did not want to pursue the case in its statement before a city magistrate, police said.

"The family of the student claimed the cook is around 48 years old and has been working with them for more than 14 years," said inspector Vikas Kaushik. "The family also said the cook is a trustworthy person and does not even have a mobile phone with a camera. After speaking to the girl, family members said it was a misunderstanding and they were not interested in proceeding with the case. The FIR, in such cases, is cancelled," Kaushik added.

It is, however, not the police's decision to cancel an FIR. That can only be done with a court's permission.

TOI tried to contact the principal of the girl's school but was unable to reach her for a comment.

Rajesh Kumar, ACP (crime), Gurgaon Police, said, "The case was referred by Delhi Police and the family of the student denied the allegations. We are investigating the matter and action will be taken as the law says."

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