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domenica 27 settembre 2015

72-year-old woman raped, hacked to death in Kisii

A 72-year-old woman was raped and murdered at Bochari village, Masaba South subcounty in Kisii on Sunday morning.

Reports indicate an attacker broke into Teresa Manyara's house through the roof, a few minutes after midnight, while his gang members waited outside.
He reportedly wrestled with Manyara and raped her, before hacking her to death with a panga while the accomplices, whom he later let in, guarded the house.
Manyara’s son Chrisantus Omwenga told the Star he was in Keroka when he was informed thugs had broken into their house.
He said the attacker physically assaulted his daughter, who was in the house, and forced to hand over the keys to the main door.
“My daughter told me he slapped and order her to surrender the keys, which she did,” he said.
He said the thug let his gang members in and that they guarded the house while he killed his mother.
Omwenga said he reported the incident to the police, who accompanied him to the house at about 1am.
He said they found Manyara's body lying in a poll of blood.
“We suspect the murder of my mother was planned because the murderers did not take any valuables, just 12 plastic chairs,” he said.
“My mother survived an attack in March, which I suspect was executed by the same gang,” he said, adding that a keyboard, a radio and TV were stolen.
Omwenga faulted the police saying they did little to arrest suspects after the first attack.
Rigoma MCA Benson Sironga said; "I do not see why a gang would invade a house and kill a mother as old as 72".
He asked police to expedite investigations and urged residents to give helpful information.

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