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lunedì 21 settembre 2015

18 year old raped, murdered

Police in Mansa are investigating the grisly murder of teenaged girl who was raped and had her throat slit by unknown people during the weekend.
The naked body of the teenager was found by a roadside in Maiteneke Township with a 2.5 litre container of chibuku beer by the side. Luapula deputy police chief Webby Shula who confirmed the murder identified the deceased girl as Susan Mwape, 18, who lived with her mother in Sumbwe Village near the Maiteneke area.
Her mother Beauty Nkandu, 40, said her daughter was mentally challenged and in the habit of patronising bars that sold bulk chibuku beer till late in the night. When Susan failed to turn up, her mother went looking only to find her lying naked on the roadside.
Mr Shula said police rushed to the scene and did a physical inspection of the corpse.
“According to the report filed by the officers, Susan’s body was covered in feacal matter and her throat had been slit by what appeared to be a sharp instrument,” Mr Shula said.
She also had bruises on the rest of her body which was spread eagled facing upwards. Mr Shula said police were investigating the murder and would follow up any leads.

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