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venerdì 28 agosto 2015

Uber driver accused of sexual assault in China

Another report surfaces of an Uber driver attacking a passenger -- calling into question the safety of the ride-hailing service in one of its fastest growing markets.

Uber is coming under fire again for its drivers sexually assaulting female passengers. This time its in China, one of Uber's fastest growing markets.
Chinese police arrested an Uber driver in Chengdu on Wednesday for pulling a knife on a passenger and then robbing and molesting her, according to Reuters. This is the second known sexual assault by an Uber driver in China in the last couple of months.
Uber, which connects passengers with drivers via a smartphone app, is the world's largest ride-hailing service. Since its founding in 2009, Uber has expanded across the world and now has drivers in 60 countries. But that expansion has come at a price. While Uber says safety is its "No. 1 priority," lawmakers and government regulators have routinely criticized the company about the actual safety of its service.
Various media reports of alleged rape, sexual harassment and groping by Uber drivers have surfaced throughout the US, including in California, Washington D.C., Illinois, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and several other states. There have also been alleged incidents of sexual assault in the UK, France, Australia and India. After the beating and raping of a female passenger in Delhi, India, last December, local officials banned Uber for several months.
The most recent incident in China happened a few weeks ago after a 42-year-old woman ordered an Uber ride at 2 a.m., according to Reuters. The driver stopped the car in a city tunnel and stole $780, or 5,000 Yuan, from the woman at knifepoint. He then reportedly drove to the edge of town, molested the woman, took photos of her and said he'd make the pictures public if she called the police.
It took the woman two weeks to finally report the incident, according to Reuters. Uber didn't return request for comment.

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