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venerdì 7 agosto 2015

Sir Edward Heath abused boy of 14 at London party

Jimmy Savile's nephew today claimed that a male friend was abused by Sir Edward Heath.
Guy Marsden said the friend was just 14 at the time and the alleged sex attack on him happened at a party in London during the Seventies.
Six police forces are now investigating child sex allegations involving Conservative former Prime Minister Sir Edward, who died in 2005. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has launched its own inquiry into an alleged cover-up.
Mr Marsden, 61, said he and three friends aged 13 to 16 were ferried across London from flat to flat, where sexual abuse took place. He said police are aware of the allegations by his friend, who is now married with two children and wishes to remain anonymous.
The roofer, from Leeds, added: “The four of us would arrive at these parties together, then my friend would disappear. I didn’t think much of it at the time, though I knew it was weird.
“He’d be gone for a while, led away by a man, then he’d be back. I knew there was stuff going on but didn’t know the extent of it until much later.
“I am in touch with my friend and he has told me what they did to him and it’s just horrific, absolutely unbelievable stuff. He would sometimes leave the house we were at then get driven round to some other place. Hours later he’d be back. At that time we never really asked where he had been.
“He later told us that Ted Heath was an abuser but that he didn’t know who he was at the time. He said it was a year after the abuse took place that he was watching TV and recognised him.” The claims come as a lawyer said a sex abuse prosecution at the centre of allegations involving Sir Edward was not dropped to protect the late PM.
Nigel Seed, QC, who was a prosecutor in the case, said a lack of witnesses led to a 1992 case against a brothel madam being discontinued. The lawyer, who now sits as a judge, said he was responsible for the decision and it “had nothing whatsoever to do with any potential allegations against Edward Heath”.
He said the defendant in the aborted trial, Myra Ling-Ling Forde, had threatened to claim during her defence that she had provided rent boys for Sir Edward. But Mr Seed added: “There was no suggestion at that stage that they were under age or anything other than male prostitutes run by her.”
Police in North Yorkshire are investigating links between Sir Edward and a known paedophile friend of serial sex abuser Savile, who died in 2011. Ex-Scarborough mayor Peter Jaconelli died in 1999 but was later exposed as a predator with links to senior Tories.
The Met’s Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe today refused to go into detail about the investigation into Sir Edward, saying only: “We take great care to preserve people’s reputations. We have to examine thoroughly any claim on behalf of a victim but we have to be fair to the suspect.”
His force has refused to say if Sir Edward features in the ongoing wider Operation Midland inquiry allegations of child abuse by senior politicians and other high-profile figures.

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