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domenica 16 agosto 2015

Rape and murder of a 40-year-old woman

Tirukovilur-Cuddalore road was affected for about five hours when about 500 residents of Mettukuppam and Bavandur blocked the road enraged by "rape and murder"of a 40-year-old woman working as a cook in a private Matriculation school at Bavandur. 

Police said as the news about the woman, who was found dead in a semi-nude with neck strangulated and weal marks allover her body, people gathered on the road condemning the police for such recurring incidents in Thiruvannai Nallur Police Station limits and demanding the arrest of the culprits. 

People this was the third incident, earlier one woman was found murdered in her house and another woman was found murdered in the similar fasion in the local lake. Police had not acted in both thecases, leading to the culprits getting bolder, they alleged. 

People also blocked the ambulance when a police wanted to take the woman's body for post mortem. There was a heated exchange between the police and the people and police lathicharged them. 

Five persons, including a sub inspector were injured in the lathi charge and the melee that followed. 

A special team had been formed to nab the culprits involved in the of the woman, who worked as a cook in the school,police said.

Protest over rape and murder August 15, 2015

Minor girl gang-raped by auto driver and passengers 16 AGOSTO 2015

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