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mercoledì 19 agosto 2015

Minor raped by seven, stabbed

She lived to tell her tale of horror after surviving gang-rape by seven men who even stabbed her and put her on a train thinking she was dead.

Government Railway Police on Tuesday arrested four out of seven men accused of gang-raping a 16-year-old girl on the terrace of Charbagh railway station on August 16. The miscreants allegedly stabbed her several times before finally dumping her into a train. GRP team rescued the girl admitted her to a hospital when the train reached Patna.

On August 17, when the survivor gained conscious she told police she is a native of Khalilabad and had come to Lucknow after a fight with her father for a job in the city. She lived in a rented apartment along with Aarti, suspected involved in flesh trade.

Aarti introduced her to Sonu Yadav, who proposed marriage, but the girl declined. On August 16, Sonu called the girl to the railway station and took her to the terrace and once again proposed marriage. When she refused, Sonu threatened called in six of his friends. All seven took turns to rape her, as Aarti looked on.

After raping her, the men stabbed her several times and believing she was dead dumped her into a train compartment.

After she narrated the whole incident to Patna GRP, the latter coordinated with the Lucknow team and laid a trap to nab the accused men. On Tuesday, acting on a tip-off, the team arrested prime accused Sonu, Puttul, Saddam and Manoj near platform number 1 at Charbagh. Three accused are at large.

During interrogation all four accepted their crime and were booked under various serious sections including attempt to murder, rape and charges under POCSO Act.

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