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lunedì 10 agosto 2015

Hockey star Patrick Kane raped a woman at his home

New details have emerged of the rape allegations that have been leveled against Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. The four-time National Hockey League All-Star is being investigated for rape in Buffalo, New York, where he lives, police confirmed on Friday.

According to The Buffalo News, law enforcement sources say the alleged victim rape had bite marks on her shoulders and a scratch on her leg after the alleged attack.
She claims that 26-year-old Kane invited her and a female friend to his $2.68 million home for a private party after they met him last Saturday night at Buffalo hotpot SkyBar.
The woman claims that, after getting to Kane's house on Old Lakeshore Road, she went into a room alone.
She says that Kane followed her into the room and raped her.
She then left the house with her friend and went to the hospital, where a rape kit was performed.
The alleged attack occurred about 4 a.m. last Sunday, about an hour after Kane was seen leaving SkyBar, Buffalo News reported.
The owner of SkyBar, Mark Croce, told the newspaper he noticed a woman 'hanging all over' Kane on the night of the alleged attack.
'It was almost like she stationed herself near him and was keeping other women away from him,' Croce said. 
'I noticed it and kind of laughed about it.'
Croce said he does not know the woman and it is unclear if she is the alleged victim.
'I don't know if this is the same woman who made the rape allegation against him,' Croce said. 
'I only know what I saw that night on my own premises.
'If you're going to ask what happened between them after they left that night, how would I know?'
Kane, a member of the 2010 and 2014 U.S. Olympic hockey teams who signed an eight-year, $84 million contract with the Blackhawks last summer, has not been charged with any crime. 
Police searched his home last week.
'The town of Hamburg police department is investigating an incident that allegedly occurred at the residence of NHL player Patrick Kane last weekend,' Police Chief Gregory Wickett told reporters on Friday. 
'At this time we are gathering information and awaiting forensic testing results.'

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