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giovedì 27 agosto 2015

Derrick Rose Accused Of Gang Rape

Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls player, has been accused by a woman of drugging and gang-raping her, a report said Wednesday. In this photo, Rose is seen during the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center on Jan. 30, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona (Getty Images/Christian Petersen).

Basketball player Derrick Rose is being sued by a woman claiming that she was drugged and gang raped by Rose and two of his friends. The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, said that she dated the Chicago Bulls player between 2011 and 2013, TMZ reported Wednesday.

The woman said that the incident happened when Rose and two of his friends -- Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton -- invited her to Rose’s Beverly Hills house and sneaked a drug into her drink with the aim to rape her. She reportedly escaped the house with another friend at the time.

However, she claimed that Rose and his two friends allegedly broke into her house later the same night and gang raped her when she was in an inebriated state. She added, according to TMZ, that she can only remember the events of the night in “flashes.”

The woman also said, according to TMZ, that she did not file a complaint till date because she was "ashamed and embarrassed" of the incident and was concerned about her "conservative family." She added that Rose had asked her during their relationship if he could have sex with her friends and engage in group sex with strangers, but she had refused all such demands.

Following the claims, Rose’s supporters took to Twitter to support the NBA star.

Derrick Rose To Be Sued By Woman Accusing Him Of Gang Rape, Drugging  

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