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mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

3 youths rape, kill minor in Baghpat

MEERUT: A clothes hawker and his two friends have been arrested for allegedly raping and murdering a minor girl and dumping her body in the jungle of Chandinagar in Baghpat district. 

Police said the girl's body was found on August 22. On August 13, her brother had filed a complaint about his missing sister. 

For solving the case, police checked CCTV footage in the area and took three youths — Imran, a resident of Chandinagar, Akbar of Khekra (Baghpat) and another Akbar of Ahiran (Baghpat) — in custody and interrogated them. 

SP Vijay Bhushan said that Imran had confessed he was in a relationship with the girl in Basi Chundhiyari village and had asked her to elope with him. He had asked her to bring along jewellery and money. 

However, he told police that she had brought very little from home, which angered him. He had then, along with his friends, raped her and strangled her, before throwing her body into the jungle. 

The SP also announced an award of Rs 5,000 for the team, which solved the case. 

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