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venerdì 28 agosto 2015

2 minor girls raped by teenager

SURAT: A 19-year-old man was booked by police on Wednesday for allegedly raping two minor girls, who happened to be his cousin and niece at Bardoli taluka in Surat district.

Anil Rathod, a resident of Kadod village near Bardoli, is on the run. Police said they will be arresting him soon. The seven-year-old girl was Rathod's niece and the eight-year-old his cousin, police said. The complaint was lodged by the mother of the accused's niece.

The rape survivors were playing outside their house when the accused, a labourer, asked them to accompany him to the farm where he worked to pick vegetables. After picking vegetables for some time, he took the younger one with him behind the bushes and raped her, leaving her badly bruised.

The minor screamed with pain hearing which the elder one rushed to help her but was caught by the accused. Rathod raped her too even as the young girl escaped from the location.

When parents of the girls returned home they saw them writhing in pain. They examined them and found swelling in their private parts. They soon approached the police and lodged the complaint against the accused.

"We have registered a complaint against the accused.

Search is on to nab the accused," said R I Parekh, police inspector, Bardoli.

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