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lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Murderer of sisters aged 6 and 3 years arrested

18-year-old man suspected to have murdered two sisters aged 6 and 3 years, has been arrested and brought to Mizoram capital Aizawl where he has been remanded by a magistrate.
Lalchhuantluanga- who lives in the same village of Chhingchhip (about 80 kms from Aizawl) where the murders took place sometime on Friday- has been charged with murder and “aggravated penetrative sexual assault” of a minor, a senior police officer said.
The officer said the accused is likely to be subsequently charged for house-trespass and burglary as well.
Lalchhuantluanga, whom villagers say is a habitual thief and known drug addict, is accused of murdering two sisters near their home while their parents were away at their farm.
The bodies of the sisters were dumped in the foliage near their house, according to those who first found them. One was naked, and the other had been put inside a sack. They also found a crowbar they said was still smeared with blood.
Lalcchhuantluanga had gone missing while villagers searched for the girls (whom they did not know were already dead) and was found after a daylong search by both police and locals.
He was found hiding inside a house occupied by non-locals in the village on Saturday night.

18-year-old suspect in murder of sisters aged 6 and 3 years arrested, charged with rape of minor  Express News Service |August 30, 2015

Two indian sisters aged three and six raped and murdered AUGUST 30, 2015


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