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lunedì 31 agosto 2015

17-year-old girl raped, recorded

In a shocking incident, a student was subjected to repeated rape by five youths. They also made her video on their mobile.
The victim, in her complaint submitted to the Jandiala police (Amritsar rural police), alleged that she was under constant mental duress since July as the accused were repeatedly raping her after threatening to upload the video on social networking sites.
Among those booked were Arashdeep Singh, son of Jarnail Singh of Thathia village, Jodhbir Singh, son of Karnail Singh, Prabhjot Singh of Gadhli village, Jasbir Singh, son of Satpal Singh, and Khushhundal Singh of Bandala village.
The 17-year-old girl stated to the police she was a student of a private school in Jandiala and Arshdeep Singh was his neighbour. She told the police that in July, he came to her and said his sister was calling her home. She said when she went to his house, his sister was not there while Jodhbir Singh and Prabhjot Singh were there. She said they pushed her into a room and raped her. The accused also captured the entire incident on their mobile. They threatened to eliminate her family and upload the video on social networking sites if she told about the incident to anyone in her family or outside.
Wwhile blackmailing her on the basis of that video, Khushhundal took her to a hotel in Jandiala in July where he raped her. The accused repeated the crime and subjected her to sexual harassment and mental agony. She said fed up of all this, she narrated the incident to her family and lodged a complaint with the police.
The police authorities said a case under Sections 376 and 506-B, IPC, had been registered against the culprits while no arrest had been made so far. They said raids were being conducted to nab the accused.

17-year-old girl raped, incident recorded, five booked Aug 30 2015

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