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lunedì 20 luglio 2015

Raped, murdered and dumped in a drain

Cape Town - The death of a 20-year-old woman found dumped in a drain not from from a shopping centre in Khayelitsha has the community seething with anger.
Bongiwe Ninini was raped, stabbed and her body dumped in an unused drain in an open field opposite the Thembani shopping centre, only a few kilometres from her home. Her body was found on Saturday morning.
Nomlozi Ninini, Bongiwe’s mother, said on Saturday that all she wants is justice for her daughter. She broke down in tears as she said she did not know how she would cope with losing yet another child. Her son was stabbed to death a few years ago, she said.
She described Bongiwe as an “outgoing free-spirited woman, who enjoyed going out with friends and drinking on the weekends”.
Her daughter left her home on Friday evening with her boyfriend and three friends.
“They left here at about nine after she had spent the day with me in the house,” she said.
Clutching at her blanket as she sat facing the door of her three-room shack, Ninini said the news of her daughter’s death left her feeling “numb”.
“Why didn’t they rape her and let her live, why did they have to kill her in such a brutal way and dump her in a drain like that?
“When some children came in here asking where Bongiwe was this morning my gut just told me something was wrong.
“Then someone came and told me that a body had been found dumped in a drain on the field and it looks like her.”
Bongiwe had dropped out of school in Grade 10 because of financial difficulty, her mother said, but had planned on resuming her education next year.
Relatives who went to identify Bongiwe’s body said she was found with only a vest on, and had an open wound to the back of her head.
Her clothes were found a few meters away from the drain in which she’d been dumped.
People in the area said the body of another woman had also been found on the same field a few months ago, and last year, another woman had been raped and stabbed there.
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said there were no arrests yet for Bongiwe’s murder but police were investigating.

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