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giovedì 16 luglio 2015

Rape accused lynched in Nagaland

rape accused succumbed to internal injuries after he was beaten up by a mob in Khekiho village under Dhansiripar police outpost in Dimapur district of Nagaland, police said on Thursday.

The deceased, identified as Hussain Ali (35), confined a minor girl in his house and raped her.
The victim, a minor non-local girl residing at Khekiho village, had gone missing on July 11. Villagers started searching for her and found her confined in a house by the accused at Lhotavi Village on July 14, Kakheto said.
He said the minor girl was raped by the accused and agitated villagers beat him up.
Village elders managed to rescue him and were taking him to Dhansiripar police outpost when the accused succumbed to his injuries on the way.
The victim girl is under treatment now.
The body of the accused was found to have sustained bruises on the limbs and back with no external injuries on the face and head, Khaketo said.
Police registered separate cases of rape and murder.
Two persons identified as Abdul Shahid and Hatim Mia have been arrested on charges of murder.
On March 5, a mob had gatecrashed into Dimapur Central Jail and lynched a rape accused.

Rape accused lynched in Nagaland July 16, 2015

Another rapist killed by a lynch-mob in India 16 MARZO 2015

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