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venerdì 3 luglio 2015

8-year-old abducted, raped and murdered

Thane police found the dead body of an 8-year-old girl, Franshela Sophia Vaz, who went missing on Monday. The dead body had injury marks all over her body. The girl's uncle Clarence has been reportedly arrested by the police.

According to sources, Clarence reportedly abducted her when she returned from the school on Monday and later murdered her. The police is probing rape angle as well. 
Franshela, std III student at the New Horizon Public School, went missing after the school bus dropped her off at the gate of her building at 5.30 pm. Four other children got down from the bus with her at the same building, nobody knew anything about the abduction. 
When the police started their investigation, they suspected the kidnapper to be someone familiar to Franshela, as she never spoke to strangers.
According to reports, her mother, who was on medication, woke up at 6.30 pm on Monday evening and realised that her daughter wasn't home after school. 
Franshela's mother had recently undergone a surgery and was advised bed rest, hence she could not come downstairs to pick her daughter up. 
Franshela's father, who was on an official tour to Netherlands, has rushed back to the city.

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