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giovedì 11 giugno 2015

UN Peacekeepers Sexually Abused Hundreds of Haitian Women and Girls

Un rapporto interno delle Nazioni Unite rivela decine di casi di sfruttamento. Donne e minori costretti a prostituirsi per ricevere aiuti.
Caschi blu dell'Onu hanno praticato sesso con più di 225 donne di Haiti costrette a prostituirsi per mancanza di cibo e medicinali ed hanno commesso abusi sessuali su minori: è quanto emerge da un rapporto interno delle Nazioni Unite ottenuto dall'Ap, secondo cui lo sfruttamento sessuale nell'ambito di queste missioni è ancora notevolmente sottovalutato.

Il documento anticipato dall'agenzia è stato realizzato dall'Office of Internal Oversight Services (Oios), l'organismo che ha il compito di indagare sulle attività interne dell'Onu, e verrà pubblicato questo mese. 

Il testo indaga su come le missioni di peacekeeping, che contano 125mila persone in alcune delle aree più problematiche del mondo, gestiscono il persistente problema dell'abuso e dello sfruttamento sessuale.

Il rapporto indica tra l'altro che circa un terzo dei presunti casi di abusi sessuali coinvolgono minori di 18 anni e che l'assistenza a queste persone mostra "gravi lacune"

L'anno scorso, riporta il documento, gli inquirenti hanno intervistato 231 persone in Haiti che hanno avuto rapporti sessuali con caschi blu: tra i motivi che spingono a prostituirsi le donne di zone rurali hanno spesso citato "necessità" come la fame, la mancanza di medicinali e di articoli per la casa. 

Spesso in cambio di prestazioni sessuali vengono offerti telefoni cellulari, computer portatili e profumo, oltre al denaro.

Caschi blu del disonore: abusi sessuali sui bambini di Haiti 10 giugno 2015

A report from the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), indicated that “peacekeepers” working in Haiti were guilty of raping Haitian women at an alarming rate. 

The report also indicated that a large number of the victims were underage.

According to the report, there were 231 people in Haiti who claimed they were sexually violated by UN peacekeepers, and were forced to perform sexual acts in exchange for food and supplies that were intended as relief packages.

For rural women, hunger, lack of shelter, baby care items, medication and household items were frequently cited as the ‘triggering need,'” the report said, adding that UN workers coaxed women and girls into sexual activities with “church shoes, cell phones, laptops and perfume, as well as money.”

In cases of non-payment, some women withheld the badges of peacekeepers and threatened to reveal their infidelity via social media,” the report said

This is not the first time that UN workers have been accused of these types of crimes. After the UN has entered areas like Cambodia, Mozambique, Bosnia, Sudan and Kosovo, there was an explosion of sex trafficking and numerous reports of abuse

Just this year, the UN was caught attempting to cover-up the fact that their workers had raped starving and homeless boys in the Central African Republic.

According to a new UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) report obtained by the news agency, a third of alleged sexual exploitation and abuse involved minors under 18.
The shocking conclusions were revealed after investigators interviewed 231 people in Haiti who claimed they were forced to perform sexual acts with UN peacekeepers in exchange for basic necessities.

The report says that the lack of any clear action is “demonstrating significant underreporting,” while noting that assistance to those that suffered is “severely deficient.” The average investigation by OIOS takes more than a year, according to AP.

Sexual abuse by peacekeeping troops, some 125,000 of which are currently deployed around the world, has undermined the credibility of their missions. A rapid increase in prostitution and abuse in Cambodia, Mozambique, Bosnia, Sudan and Kosovo were documented after UN peacekeeping forces moved in.
Earlier this year it was revealed that UN peacekeepers raped and sodomized starving and homeless boys in the Central African Republic, some as young as nine.
However, the number of documented cases of sexual abuse and exploitation by members of UN peacekeeping missions was 51 in 2014, down from 66 the year before, according to the secretary-general's latest annual report on the issue.

UN Peacekeepers Sexually Abused Hundreds of Haitian Women and Girls

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