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domenica 10 maggio 2015

Two-year-old raped in shanty

A two-year-old girl was brutally raped and left on the roadside on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday in Krishnanagar area. 

It was not clear who or how many were involved as severe injuries were noticed on girl's private parts. The child was sent for medical examination to Lok Bandhu hospital. CMS of the hospital Dr Rakesh Kumar said, "The girl is stable but in deep shock and under observation."

Police detained eight men in this connection after registering a case under rape charges against unidentified persons. Girl's father is a mechanic and his family stays in a shanty close to Nahariya crossing.

The family including her parents and two siblings were asleep when in the wee hours somebody gagged the girl and took her away. Unable to walk and bleeding profusely she was spotted sitting on the roadside In the morning by an woman. As news of the incident spread a huge crowd gathered. Police had to struggle to disperse the crowd.

On April 24, a three-year-old girl was molested by her school van caretaker, in Indirangar area. Sanjay was arrested by police after the girl informed her mother about the incident.

In July 2013, in another gruesome act, a four-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and killed and the body was mutilated with a sharp-edged weapon near Mithaiwala crossing in Gomtinagar. The culprits were never identified and held. Officer-in-charge of Krishnanagar police station S Kaul said some drug addicts and other men who sleep on the pavement on the same stretch were taken into custody for questioning.

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