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domenica 3 maggio 2015

Two More Women Claim To Have Been Raped By Bill Cosby

This time an actress who played on the Cosby Show has come forward claiming that she too was sexually abused by the comedienne/actor.
Actress Lili Bernard who appeared in the final season of Cosby’s hit series along with Sammie Mays detailed their stories of abuse by Bill Cosby this week. 
During the press conference Lili opened up about how Bill drugged her and raped her while preparing her for her role on The Cosby Show in 1992. 
She said this in her statement, “After he had won my complete trust and adoration he drugged me and raped me.” 
Bernard says she was threatened not to say anything about the incident which is why she has waited so long to come forward.
Sammie Mays the second woman to come forward this month was a writer at the time of her attack. 
She described the following after taking sips of a drink Cosby prepared for her while she was interviewing him in the mid-80s, 
“The next thing I remember when I awoke from my state of unconsciousness, I seemed to have been drooling and was sloppily slouched in the chair with barely the edge of my bottom in it.”
The accounts told by Bernard and Mays sound quite familiar to the stories told by the other 40 women who claimed to have been drugged, molested and raped by Cosby.
As usual, Cosby, his wife Camille, and his attorney Martin Singer, have remained silent and continue to deny all claims and accusations.

Two More Women Claim To Have Been Drugged And Raped By Bill Cosby Chelsey Wilkins 

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