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domenica 3 maggio 2015

Six-year-old girl raped by two minors

Bengaluru: A 6-year-old girl was raped by two high school boys.  

The incident took place yesterday when she was playing with her brother and the boys, they said.

The boys took the girl to an isolated place nearby and raped her. Her brother who arrived at the scene searching for her soon rushed home and informed his grandparents about the incident, police said.

The girl was immediately taken to a doctor for medical examination by the police who visited her soon after getting to know about the incident.

"Both accused are minors. One of them was arrested on Saturday, while search is on for the other who is absconding," he said.

A teenager girl was gang-raped by a group of four men in northern Samangan province of Afghanistan, local officials said Saturday.

The incident took place in Dara-e-Suf district of Samangan province where the girl was initially kidnapped and was repeatedly raped by the men.

The district administrative chief Ahmad Ali Hasani said at least two men have been arrested in connection to the rape of the teen girl and are in custody of the police forces for further investigation.

Hassani further added that the two men were arrested after they were identified by the victim but the two other men have not been arrested so far.

This comes as the sexual abuse and rape of children have been rampant in Afghanistan, specifically in northern parts of the country during the recent months.

Acording to a government survey, around 65 rape case were recorded in six provinces last year where child rape happens more frequently.

The survey covered incidents recorded between March and September last year where incidents on children as young as 1-year-old to 13-year-old were reported raped.

14-year-old girl raped by 4 men in Samangan province May 02 2015 

Eight persons belonging to Arcot were arrested in connection with the gang-rape of an 18-year-old married girl living with her parents in Arcot after estrangement with her husband.

The victim has a two-year-old child.

According to police sources, after estrangement with her husband, the girl was living with her parents in Arcot town, and was having an affair with Praveen Kumar (18), also a resident of Arcot.

On Friday night, Praveen Kumar took the girl to the Subramaniaswamy Temple in Vallimalai.

After paying a visit to the temple, he took her to a secluded spot in Vallimalai, where he along with seven of his friends, who were waiting there, gang-raped her.

The girl was sent to the Government Vellore Medical College Hospital, Adukkamparai, where the medical examination confirmed the rape.

8 held for gang-rape of woman May 3, 2015

A minor girl was abducted and raped by her two cousins in Balauni. 

The 16-year-old girl in her complaint alleged that on the night of April 21, her cousins Arif and Shahzad abducted and raped her.

The accused abducted her on the pretext of taking her to a marriage function which was being attended by her family members as well, he said. 

The duo then took the girl to Loni where they raped her following which they dumped her outside the village the next day.

The girl was admitted to a hospital and after recovery she lodged a complaint with the police.

NASHIK: A 21-year-old mentally-challenged girl was raped by a senior army officer at his residence in the Deolali camp area here, police said today.  
Col. Vinod Sahani was detained by Deolali camp police after the girl's parents lodged a complaint in this regard last night. 
"Col. Sahani worked in depot battery at Artillery Centre in Deolali camp and stayed at his private flat with his family in the camp area.
"On April 30, the accused threatened the girl, who resides in the same building, took her to his house when his family members were away, and then raped her," said senior police officer Rajesh Akhade at Deolali Camp police station.         
The accused and the victim have been sent to Nashik Civil Hospital for medical examination and their medical reports are awaited.     
"The army officer has been placed under detention and further inquiry is in progress," Akhade said.
According to police sources, Sahani has claimed that he is being "framed" in the case.

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