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sabato 23 maggio 2015

Minor gang-raped, murdered

A 15-year-old tribal girl was abducted, gang-raped and murdered by five miscreants in Rangareddy district on late Thursday evening. 

According to the police, the girl had boarded a train at Hyderabad along with her father to return to her native village Izrachitampalli. She had stayed with her uncle in Hyderabad during the summer holidays for about one and half months. On Thursday morning, her father parked his two-wheeler in Vikarabad railway station and took a train to Hyderabad in the morning to fetch his daughter. Around 5.30 pm, the girl and her father boarded another train from Hyderabad. After alighting at Vikarabad railway station at around 7 pm, the father-daughter duo proceeded on the bike. 

At around 7.30 pm, when they reached Muthkupalli village junction, a densely forested area shrouded in darkness, the girl spotted a borewell and asked her father to stop to drink water. Once the girl quenched her thirst, the father proceeded to drink from the borewell when two persons suddenly appeared and hit him on the head with a stone rendering him unconscious.Three others forced the girl into an auto and the five of them took off with her. 

The police said once the father regained his senses, he found his daughter missing and went to the nearby Bantwaram police station to lodge a complaint. The police launched a manhunt and found the girl's body about 400 metres away from the borewell. The body bore head injuries, scratches and strangulation marks on the neck. Police said she appeared to have been raped before being murdered, which was later confirmed by the post mortem report. 

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