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lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Infant Rape

Exasperated to see the condition of 18-month-old rape survivor in Lok Bandhu hospital, a nurse said, "Even wild animals don't do such things. I have never seen such brutality in my entire career".

Everyone in the hospital was aghast to see the girl child hospitalized after being raped brutally on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday. Reeling under unbearable pain, the infant could hardly stop wailing. She has not said anything except 'mummy' since the incident and cannot sit down as the stitches around her private parts cause her agony.

"All night I kept searching for her and found her early morning bleeding waist down, standing by the roadside and crying," said the mother, adding, "The kid is too small to tell what happened to her."

Attending to the child, Dr Geeta Agarwal said, "Her private parts had been ruptured and it was only under dosage of anesthesia that we could examine her. The perverts behind the act should be handed over to the public to meet their fate."

Other people in the hospital who had come to attend their own patients kept seething at the inhuman nature of the crime committed with the infant. 

Attending her pregnant sister, Lata, said, "The act is beyond imagination. Something like this happening to such a small kid, who is still feeding on her mother's milk, is barbaric." 

Many questioned insensitivity of the society. 

"Politicians, women's organizations, NGOs and media claim to be pro-poor, but now when this poor woman needs their support, nobody has visited the hospital even once to take notice," he said.


The persons detained on Saturday by Krishnanagar police in connection with the rape case of two-year-old were released as they provided alibi. Cops are now looking at persons known to the toddler's family or those staying in the close vicinity.

On Saturday morning the girl's family saw that the child had gone missing. The girl was recovered in the morning after a few hours, bleeding and unable to walk. The girl's father stays in a shanty on the roadside near Barabirwa crossing.

Officer-in-charge of Krishnanagar police station Sunil Kaul said, "We are checking if the girl's father was involved in a dispute with anyone. The guard employed by Lucknow Metro had not seen anybody loitering around the shanty in the wee-hours. Probe is on."

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