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domenica 24 maggio 2015


Father accused in minor’s rape, murder, 22-year-old woman gang-raped on bus in Bangladesh, Minor girl raped by bus driver, Cameras inside Kolkata buses to make women feel safe, 'Rape worse in Sweden than India', says Gandhi

The rape and murder case of a minor in Bantwaram took an unusual turn on Saturday with the police claiming that it was her father who had committed the crime. They said the accused tried to misguide the case by inflicting an injury on his head. 

The police who sped up the investigation, questioned as many as 33 auto drivers but could not get any clue. Upon seeking more information from father of the Tribal girl, Megavath Kamal, the cops got contradictory information. 

This raised suspicion against him. Upon further quizzing, he admitted to have committed the crime and to cover up he blamed auto drivers.  
The Ranga Reddy Superintendent of Police, M Srinivas, said that the accused was booked under three theft cases earlier. “He tried to misled the investigation by telling cooked up stories and showing his head injury, which was inflicted by himself,” the SP said. 

It may be recalled that the police registered a case on Friday based on the complaint that four unidentified persons raped and murdered the girl. In his complaint, the father had claimed that on Thursday morning, he parked his two-wheeler in Vikarabad railway station and travelled to Hyderabad on train to bring back his daughter from uncle’s house in the city. 

They boarded another train from Hyderabad in the evening. After alighting at Vikarabad railway station, the father-daughter duo proceeded on the bike. At around 7.30 pm, when they reached Muthkupalli village junction on their way to Izrachitampalli village, they stopped to drink water. 

Two unidentified persons hit Megavath on the head with a stone rendering him unconscious and took the girl in an auto. He lodged a complaint with the Bantwaram police past midnight. The police found the body about 400 meters away from the borewell. 

Father accused in minor’s rape, murder  May 24,2015

Minor gang-raped, murdered 23 MAGGIO 2015

5-yr-old raped, killed in Uttar Pradesh  22 MAGGIO 2015

Gang-rape and murder of a schoolgirl 21 MAGGIO 2015

Infant Rape 11 MAGGIO 2015

Two-year-old raped in shanty 10 MAGGIO 2015

Gangraped eight months ago then burnt alive 10 MAGGIO 2015

A 22-year-old woman was raped by five men on a minibus in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, authorities said, in a case with chilling echoes of the fatal attack on a woman in New Delhi in 2012.

Doctors at Dhaka Medical College Hospital said Saturday that medical tests confirmed the victim was sexually assaulted. The woman, described as a sales clerk from an indigenous ethnic minority group, was in protective custody, police said.

“We found signs of recent forceful sexual intercourse,” Habibuzzaman Chowdhury, chief of the hospital’s forensics department, told a news conference.

Police say the woman was waiting at a bus stop for a ride home after work on Thursday night when a minibus stopped in front of her and two men forced her aboard. They and three other men inside the bus took turns raping her for an hour and a half while the bus slowly drove around the Jamuna Future Park area in northeast Dhaka.

Sajjad Hossain, inspector at the Bhatara Police Station, said the family of the woman filed a case Friday. No suspects are in custody, he said.

“We’re investigating the incident with highest importance,” Hossain said.

The woman’s sister told reporters that the family had to visit three police stations before one agreed to take a report.

They went to the station closest to their home in the Uttara area around 4 a.m. Friday but were told by police that they did not have jurisdiction because the incident took place outside the area. They visited another police station an hour later and got the same reply, she said.

They reached Bhatara Police Station around 6 a.m. but had to wait three hours for a senior officer to arrive and register the case.

Women’s rights activists say indifference by authorities and a culture of impunity are encouraging such crimes.

Bangladesh has been plagued by unrest since January amid an ongoing political crisis that has resulted in street battles that have left more than 120 people dead.

Two secular bloggers have been hacked to death in Dhaka in recent months; a third was killed earlier this month in the eastern city of Sylhet.

The gang rape immediately drew comparisons to a gruesome December 2012 incident aboard a private bus in New Delhi, the capital of neighboring India, in which a young woman was beaten and sexually assaulted by six men, and later died of her injuries. The case sparked a national outcry and tougher legal penalties in rape cases, although many women say that social attitudes that contribute to sex crimes have not changed.

UDAIPUR: Police seized a private bus and arrested its driver for allegedly raping a minor girl. 

Pinto alias Kishan Singh, a resident of Swaraj Nagar, who reportedly abused the girl for 3 months, was taken in custody. 

A rape case was registered at Surajpole police station on Saturday night. After a medical exam, the girl was sent to state shelter home. 

"A 15-year-old girl from Sagwara in Dungarpur was married to a 50-year-old man. She was unhappy with her marriage. Her mother has been ill and her father didn't care for his family so she ran away from her house and came in contact with accused Pinto," said Ramesh Kumar, CI, Surajpole station. 

Pinto befriended her and both were together for 3 months. However, on Saturday when Pinto's family members came to know about their relationship, they fought with the girl and forced her out of his home. They created ruckus on a busy streets, so people informed the police. 

When the accused were brought to the police station, the minor girl alleged that she had been raped for 3 months by the driver

"We have seized the bus and arrested Pinto on rape charges. The girl has been sent to a shelter home, remaining formalities will be completed later," the officer said. 

Kolkata: A spate of rapes and molestations inside public transport has forced the city to install close-circuit-television cameras (CCTV) on buses to make women passengers feel safe.
According to officials of the Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC), not only there has been an upgradation of the fleet with spacious air-conditioned cabins, 632 of them have CCTV cameras installed inside to ensure women passengers feel safe.
“We are modernising the fleet and one of the key areas is to ensure women passengers feel safe. Off late there had been incidences of rapes inside public transport which we believe will stop,” an official of CSTC said.
Women passengers have welcomed the move saying it will go a long way in ensuring their safety inside public transport. “It is a very good intitative as most men who indulge in such crimes believe they can go scot-free due to lack of enough evidence. Just the presence of a camera will ensure men behave properly,” Sanghita Roy, a commuter opined.
Men have also welcomed the move, saying it will ensure safety of all as even pickpockets and other antisocial elements will think twice before committing crimes. “There was an instance where a women falsely charged a colleague of mine of harassment. Such things will not happen if a CCTV camera is installed in all buses,” said Pallab Das.
Though many may question the move calling it an intrusion of privacy, most passengers were in favour of installing the cameras. “This is a public space and if the authorities are watching to ensure safety then it is a welcome move. The government should ensure all private buses should have cameras for safety of passengers,” said Kris Dasgupta.
Whether the government will be able to force private operators to install cameras is a matter of debate, but the move to install cameras will send out a signal that the state government is concerned about the safety of women, especially since a women is the chief minister of the state.
“The recent incidents of rape have shamed the city which is known as the cultural capital of India. The state government should do everything to ensure public places are safe. We individuals should also ensure safety of women within the four walls of the house which seems to be the most unsafe place, as per statistics,” said Shika Bose, a college professor.

Cameras inside Kolkata buses to make women feel safe MAY 23, 2015

India, un'autista donna contro gli stupri 12 MAGGIO 2015

India's women's minister Maneka Gandhi says that Sweden has worse problems with rape than India.

Gandhi began her short visit to Sweden by claiming that India is among the countries with the least number of rapes in the world. “We have four rapes per 100,000 women, while Sweden has more than 130,” she said in an interview with Swedish television network, SVT on Sunday.

The problem of rape in India was highlighted in 2012 when a young woman died after a gang rape on a bus in Delhi. Since then a number of high-profile sexual assaults has further tarnished India’s reputation.

However, according to Gandhi, the resultant huge protests in the country has created greater awareness among the public and led to more women daring to report rape. However, Indian women’s rights advocates are likely to criticise Gandhi’s comments - they claim that there is still a huge problem with unreported rape in India.

Rape is a sensitive subject and the BBC documentary "India's Daughter" about the rape in Delhi, was banned in India earlier this year.

Gandhi is visiting Sweden to inaugurate Namaste Stockholm, a festival organised by the Indian embassy to showcase India as a culture and tourism hub. She will also participate in a discussion on gender diversity.

'Rape worse in Sweden than India', says Gandhi 24 May 2015


In Italia 10 stupri al giorno 22 MAGGIO 2015

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