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lunedì 25 maggio 2015

Eight-year-old raped, strangled to death

An eight-year-old was strangled to death after she was raped by an unidentified person; her body was found dumped in a roadside ravine in Sirikot, said the police on Saturday. 

Ghazi DSP Hakim Khan said locals found a sack in a roadside ravine near Sirikot bypass, some 15 kilometres from Ghazi tehsil headquarters. 

They informed the police who took the body to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital where the casualty medical officer, Dr Fauzia, examined the remains. 

The DSP quoted her as saying the victim was about eight years old and was strangled to death after being raped. 

The victim’s identity had not been ascertained till this report was filed. 

After the autopsy, the body was placed in the mortuary and all police stations in Haripur and Swabi were informed, added the DSP.

Brutal killing: Minor raped, strangled to death May 25, 2015

Minor girl raped, attacked with acid and murdered 25 MAGGIO 2015

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